Asia drops to 9th place!FIFA rankings: China dropped one place to 75

2022-05-04 0 By

On the afternoon of 10 February, FIFA released the latest edition of the FIFA national team rankings, the first edition of the 2022 FIFA Rankings.In this list, China’s national team lost 23.52 points to rank 75th from 74th at the end of 2021. In Asia, The national team also lost one place to Iraq to rank 9th.China scored 1,337.33 points, 74th in the world and eighth in Asia, according to the last FIFA rankings released on December 23.In the latest one-month scoring cycle, China lost 23.52 points to Japan and Vietnam in the world preliminary round of the top 12, and its latest score is 1313.81 points, dropping to 75th in the world and 9th in Asia.In Asia, the top 10 teams are: Iran, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UNITED Arab Emirates, Iraq, China and Oman.Among them, the scores of Iran, Japan and South Korea, the top 3 in Asia, have increased by more than 15 points, and their world rankings have been improved, ranking 21st, 23rd and 29th respectively among the top 30 countries in the world.The Asian teams ranked 11th through 20th are uzbekistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Palestine, India, North Korea.Group A: Iran (1), South Korea (3), United Arab Emirates (7), Lebanon (15), Iraq (8), Syria (14) Group B:Saudi Arabia (6), Japan (2), Australia (4), Oman (10), China (9), Vietnam (17) Hong Kong was ranked 148th and 26th in Asia.Chinese Taipei ranked 158th and 32nd in Asia;Macau, China, ranked 182nd and 37th in Asia.Worldwide, Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands rank in the top 10.The teams ranked 11 through 20 are: Germany, Mexico, United States, Switzerland, Croatia, Uruguay, Sweden, Senegal, Colombia, Wales.