Fuzhou South Second Ring, Haina trendy owners rights, temple placement solution?

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After the New Year, I opened wechat, which had been isolated for several days, and saw some readers leaving messages, hoping to help to publish the trendy temple problem in Haina. Let’s have a look below.A year ago, there was a rumor on the Internet that “27 temples” would be built on the South Second Ring Road. However, according to the current progress, four temples should be built in the south of Hougban New City and the north of Haina Xinchao C area.From the beginning of the construction, there was a big dispute, first by the owners of Houban for rights protection, and then haina trendy owners also joined.Through the petition, the planning Bureau replied that the nature of the plot is indeed park green space, and the four temples to be installed are led by the People’s Government of Gaishan Town. They have jointly reviewed with relevant departments and consulted the territory for relevant matters.According to the drawings shared by readers, the three seats are located in the south side of District 1 of Hougban New Town, and one grand palace is located in the north side of Haina.For the building of temples around the real estate, Fuzhou is not uncommon, for the housing market is more obvious influence.For example, wuliting’s Green City reflects the moon in Guangxi language and fuhui Temple on the west side. For several buildings adjacent to the project, after the filing, the overall removal is very depressed.(Recently even pan old reform, and spread individual temples moved, is expected to follow still have rights) for Haina-new, located in the south second ring after ban, is one of the hot plate last year, covers an area of 185 acres, 35% ratio of commercial housing, divided into ABC three areas, including A district with rental housing, C district with jianan commercial housing, B district hardcover pure business.Although it is a market of nearly 200 mu, the project has not been unsalable. Relying on the marketing + policy, the project has not only achieved a good de-marketing itself, but also promoted the property market of the whole South Second Ring Road.For haina trendy, especially C area owners, when the original purchase, the north planning of the park green space, the sales department is also to promote, of course, the reader feedback, even if it is still so.Of course, for zone C, apart from the temples needed to be installed in the green space, readers also reported that they did not know the difference in construction quality between BC and ZONE C until they got the contract, such as contractors, elevator brands and railings.It can be said that in Area C, there is already an ancient building and commercial houses are installed in all allocated plots. When it is close to liquidation, it still faces planning surprise.For these commercial housing owners, it is indeed slightly uncomfortable, especially the commercial housing in AREA C is still planned in the north, so it can be said that all the adverse factors are fully understood.A reader message, Haina owners become owners.What is the dispute?At present, the focus of owners mainly lies in two aspects: 1, the attitude of developers, 2, temple related documents for developers credit, is rare in the past few years can still survive fujian, as for the original publicity green park, from the planning, it is not wrong, the planning outside the red line is not responsible for the housing enterprises.When adverse factors appear in the construction of the project, the style of housing enterprises, sit idly by, in fact, this is also very common, most are so, after all, to negotiate with the official, which is too sensitive.However, after the rapid liquidation of the project, the appearance of these allotments, inevitably let the owners of the original planning of the green park, out of question, whether the temple was planned at that time?Apart from housing enterprises, the biggest controversy is over temple documents. Although the planning bureau has replied that the placement of four temples has been jointly reviewed, the details have not been disclosed.As for this kind of allocation, which is quite controversial, construction is carried out without comprehensive consideration.Did you think disclosure would be controversial?Or have you gotten used to going your own way?Analysis summary for the installation of temples around the new plate, in May 4th last year, north Liuan xiaofeng appeared, although the attitude of greentown at that time is the same as the current rongxin, but finally under the efforts of the owner, feedback from readers, has moved to the opposite side of the bridge, relocate.There have been successes, but judging from this development, it will be harder to continue.Of course, for this event, can also be a good reflection of the purchase of some problems:1, the planning outside the red line, is always planning 2, signed the purchase contract, you are no longer the big uncle of the housing enterprise 3, the implementation of the same knife, has always made the people uncomfortable for the New Year to protect their rights, for buyers is always not easy, I hope the relevant departments can do a good dredge work, do not let the event further amplification.