Honor of Kings: Abandoned?Big Joe’s looking to keep his date?Too bad for this couple

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Joe about the cartoon is also close to the end, the relationship between Joe and Joe, really is not easy, always full of all kinds of changes…This is not, big Joe is finally restored memory, now she, like to keep an appointment, or Sun Ce?All the answers are in this episode…Honor of Kings: Abandoned?Big Joe’s looking to keep his date?This pair is too sad if you read the previous plot, must also understand!After keeping an appointment to a Joe confessions, met Zhou Yu and Sun Shangxiang, was originally happy situation, so they give mix!And keep to the Great Wall, but also know the identity of Joe, had to leave her!Because it’s not for him to decide!But a few days later, Joe and find a keep, and why is this?This time meet, Joe directly shout: 100 li keep an appointment!Keep an appointment to know, she has replied to the memory, he is very perturbed, everything so over?But Joe is still hug each other, crying, to express their own heart……In fact, at this time of Joe is also very helpless!Because someone wanted to keep the promise against him, he was Sima Yi, once sun Ce was also killed!Joe do not want to be at the mercy of Sima Yi, also do not want their favorite people, suffered again, so how is good?Sima Yi is the culprit, kill Sun Ce also want to frame and keep an agreement?All because of Big Joe King of Glory: Angela’s Big bear return?Those are memories!King of Glory: The Dread Lord of the Basement?Xi Shi screamed in terror. How confident and invincible was Sima Yi?Meta song haunt scared scream