Pilot!These markets offer “1 yuan dishes”

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“Small vegetable field, big people’s livelihood”.As the main supply channel for agricultural and sideline products, the vegetable market connects thousands of households and relates to citizens’ vital interests and happiness index.In order to stabilize prices and ensure supply, lianyungang city selected 5 urban vegetable markets to carry out the pilot work of “affordable vegetable stalls” on January 26 according to the unified work deployment of the provincial Department of Commerce.Included in the pilot are Nanmen, Xicheng and Fuwang food markets in Haizhou District, Yuanqian and Haitang Road food markets in Lianyun District, with a total of 5 food markets, 12 stalls and 1 area at a low price.The stalls mainly offer “one-yuan dishes” (1 yuan per kilogram of vegetables) and “fair-price dishes” (vegetables that are more than 20 percent below the market guideline price).On the basis of the establishment of five “fair-price vegetable stalls”, Nanmen Wet Market has also set up a special fair-price area operated by the market organizer. Long-term cooperation agreements have been signed with local production bases and family farms.The products include “one yuan dishes” such as young green vegetables, black vegetables, Chinese cabbage, carrots and Onions, four varieties of “affordable dishes” that are 20% lower than the daily guideline price, as well as affordable meat, and inexpensive grain and oil.In order to facilitate consumer identification, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce uniformly designed eye-catching and beautiful identification boards for “affordable vegetable stalls”, and publicized the varieties, prices, supply time and pesticide residue test results of affordable dishes at main entrances and exits.Next, lianyungang city business bureau will be according to the 5 dishes there market situation “parity” vegetable stall, the further detailed work plan, establishing evaluation mechanism, expanding the scope of the pilot, guide the market parties strengthen docking with the wholesale market and production base of production and marketing, supply rich varieties, let more people enjoy the trust of “cheap food”.☞ Huaguoshan Airport, passenger station from the new news!
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