Seven free country parks in Shanghai, a good place to relax and play, come and visit

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Seven free country parks in Shanghai are: 1, Pujiang Country Park, convenient transportation;2, Jiabei suburban Park, visit rice fields, lotus;3, Qingxi country Park, see the most beautiful water forest;Changxing Island Country Park, shanghainese backyard garden;5. Heqing Country Park, enjoy the “beautiful countryside;Langxia Country Park, ancient town charm pastoral scenery.Kwong Fulam Country Park, with Rose Promenade.1, Pujiang Country Park, convenient transportation.Located in Shanghai Pujin South Road lane 1586, Metro Line 8 Shendu Road station.Pujiang Country Park has been very popular in recent years because of its miracle Garden (garden within Garden charge). It is the most convenient country garden with direct access by subway. It is only 500 meters away from the station.The facilities in the park are perfect.Beauty is everywhere in the park, there are always miracles garden, lotus pond, the great saphenous country house, the new zhenjiang inferior small steamed the attractions, such as miracle garden located in the central part of pujiang country park, covers an area of 43 acres, is a collection of world flower art, the development of intelligent parent-child and science cognition in the integration of the garden, no. 1 door flower fairy castle is the miracle the commanding heights of the garden, also is the symbol of the park.2, Jiabei suburban park, visit rice fields, lotus.Located at No. 5051 huyi Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, it is an ecological home for relaxation of body and mind.The entire park is basically a vast expanse of rice-filled farmland, which you can rent bicycles to visit.Roadside planting some flowers and plants, the smell of rural life on the face.There are nearly one hundred acres of lotus pond in the park, and there is a special pavilion to see the lotus, the wind blows the lotus, shake the body posture, is the most beautiful scenery in summer.Lotus leaves in different periods of light green degree.The lotus Festival is held regularly from June to August every year. During the day, wonderful lotus pictures can be taken in the lotus pond. The pond is equipped with a viewing platform to see large areas of different kinds of lotus.Qingxi Country Park, see the most beautiful water forest.Located in Shanghai Qingpu District Jinze Town Zi Lian Road 500.It’s free, but you need to book in advance.It is the only country park featured by wetland in Shanghai. With Dalianhu as the center, the park has built farmland demonstration area, ecological conservation area and leisure experience area of fishing village, among which there are 60 mu of aquatic forest.An aquatic forest is a value for money, with tall metasequoia trees in the water and a variety of birds nesting in the trees.Birds can be heard in the woods, and you can visit the water forest through the water boardwalk.Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the aquatic forest.Up to 185 bird species are known to live in aquatic forests.Dalianhu, famous for its lotus flowers, has nearly 100 mu of reeds and numerous waterbirds.In late autumn, reed flowers fly and are full of poetry.Changxing Island Country Park, the back garden of Shanghai citizens.Located in Shanghai Chongming Island Changxing Island fenghuang road east.Comply with the principle of natural ecology, wild interest, for the urbanite to provide a mountain ecological oasis, birds ‘song and fragrance of flowers, pleasant scenery.The park is free, but there are charges for various experiences in the park, including orange and cherry picking garden, rose garden, iris garden, etc. Children can also ride horses.As the largest country park in Shanghai and the first national 5A-class scenic spot certified in Shanghai, it is the first country park with comprehensive tourism characteristics in Shanghai, like the back garden of Shanghai people.5. Heqing Country Park, enjoy the “Beautiful Countryside”.It is located at 88 Puchuan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.Newly opened in 2021, garden living room is a landmark in Heqing Country Park, the landscape covers an area of 100 mu, rectangular rice field painted on a huge paddy field scene map, the central position of the painting is composed of yellow and purple rice “beautiful countryside” four characters, there are three colors of rice on the left, outline the farmer’s house, ridge and other patterns.The park is a rising star in the Shanghai country park family, and its cultural and creative works are impressive.Langxia Country Park, ancient town charm pastoral scenery.Located in the north of Langxia Ecological Park, Langxia Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, it is actually an open country park. The core area is mainly langxia Ecological Park. In addition to the ecological Park, there are mingyue Mountain pond and other places, with good scenery, not serious commercialization, and a good place for leisure.Recommend the corridor under the ecological park, antique buildings have a unique style, summer has a large lotus pool;Mingyue Mountain Pond here is the landmark mountain pond bridge, one side of the bridge belongs to the corridor, crossing the bridge is Zhejiang, very interesting;Qingyan engraving art Center in addition to visiting classes, but also accommodation.Kwong Fulam Country Park, with Rose Promenade.Located in the south of Sheshan National Forest Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai, it is close to guangfulin Cultural relics.It is the sixth open country park in Shanghai.The park also preserves local vegetable fields.Compared to other country parks, Kwong Fulam country Park is not a large area, but it is accessible by car and pets are allowed.There is an arch bridge in the park, which leads to the Guangfulin Site Park.Scenic spots have Chinese rose corridor, original ecological paddy fields, wisteria flowers (door 2 into the nearest) there are Chinese rose, hundreds of meters of Chinese rose corridor, intoxicating.To learn more, please follow the happy Jin Xiaoyu