To build a multi-scene service platform, Douyin has upgraded its ability to manage online violence in the “humanistic” comment section

2022-05-04 0 By

In the Internet era, people’s access to information is becoming more and more convenient, which also makes more and more people like to “comment” on others’ things. Among them, there is no lack of some “keymen” who “watch the fun without being too big” use online comments to confuse black and white and create topics.Their indiscriminate questioning, slander, malicious insult, abuse and distortion of facts have caused great psychological pressure and inner trauma to the parties concerned, and they have even fallen into isolation and helplessness. “If the knife doesn’t hit you, you don’t know the pain”. Only the parties themselves know that kind of painful experience.Psychologically fragile people often cannot bear the harm brought by network violence, and there are not a few people who take the way of suicide to fight.In 2018, after the “Teddy dog incident” in Nanjing, Mr. Tong was subjected to human flesh search and verbal threats by netizens, and his wife committed suicide under great pressure.Other notable cases include the “Mordor Patriarch” fan who committed suicide by a fleshy Internet user, and the “Deyang female doctor who committed suicide.”Earlier this year, the tragic suicide of liu Xuezhou, a boy seeking love, once again confirmed the horror of online violence.Comments and private messages, which are expressed in the public domain, are characterized by low threshold and weak privacy. Some malicious harassment, personal attack, insult and abuse, or even slander and rumor information, bring negative feedback experience to some creators with low publishing cost and high communication efficiency.Take Douyin as an example. According to statistics from Douyin Security Center, the platform has generated 800 million comments every day since April 2021. Among the comments complained, reported and finally dealt with, 32.79% are “abusive and personal attacks”.In view of the current situation of the network society, Douyin continues to upgrade its products in a “humanistic” way. It is the first service in China to provide users with Internet violence prevention functions in various scenarios, from active management of senders to self-management of receivers.It is understood that The Internet violence prevention function launched by Douyin has eight functions.These functions include the platform’s active warning and humanistic care based on model recognition, and users’ self-management of the “people” and “texts” they communicate with according to their own needs.While allowing users to fully express themselves, it also protects the creator’s emotions, gives users autonomy and autonomy, and allows users to strike a balance between “individuation” and “humanization” in the comments area which varies from person to person.Risk warning comments And create a good atmosphere for public opinion trill this will launch the first at home “risk reviews post warning” function, when a user comment some inappropriate comments, trill platform will pop-up warning “the” risk reviews articles in time, as a reminder mechanism, provides people with a reflection on the content of key,Let users think carefully about what they want to say before Posting it.At the same time, Douyin has added two new functions of keyword blocking and comment selection on the basis of the original “who can comment” function (all people, only fans, only friends, only oneself).Users can choose the comment permission function in the permission Settings and shield the keywords they do not want to receive in the comments.In addition, Douyin has made further improvements in its private message function.Tiktok has launched three major functions of accepting private messages (owner, close friends and close), reminding users of risks (block, report and remove fans) and negative content filtering, allowing users to independently manage the “people” they communicate with.If users encounter inappropriate messages or verbal harassment from senders in private messages, Douyin will remind users of risks and filter negative content. Users can choose to block, report or remove fans from private messages.At the same time, douyin online platform small assistant “mood warm baby”, to provide humanistic care for users, through message dialogue interaction, alleviate users’ depression.Tiktok has always been committed to providing an Internet platform for users to record and share their beautiful lives.Douyin makes the development of science and technology full of humanistic care, so that users can feel the responsibility of caring and responsibility to embody the mission of the platform.Comment free honest valuable, network harmony price is higher.We also call on more online platforms to learn from Douyin’s technology upgrade, eradicate the disease of online violence, and return the online comment section to a pure land!