Buy a woman, marriage is invalid!Do you support it?

2022-05-05 0 By

People have been very angry, the maximum penalty for buying a woman is up to three years in prison.Buying two parrots carries a maximum sentence of five years, and catching 20 toads carries a maximum sentence of ten years!A lot of people are calling for the penalty to be amended, the same crime of buying and selling women, to the maximum death penalty!It is necessary to improve the penalty, but everyone has ignored a very serious problem: similar injury to the chain woman why can’t rape, illegal detention to punish?Rape can be sentenced to death, ah, you think carefully, “marriage certificate” is not very terrible?!In practice, many trafficked women go through marriage registration or de facto marriage in the local area, and to a large extent, the buyer may be cleared and indulged in rape and illegal detention of women, so the marriage certificate has become a “license” to do evil!So, buy off a woman behavior, it is very necessary to stipulate buy off a woman to register marriage, invalid!On the one hand, the crime of rape is stripped of its protective umbrella of punishment, with the maximum penalty of death.On the other hand, it can effectively deter the physical infringement on women by the buying side.Buying women, marriage invalid, effective punishment of buying women behavior, protecting women’s rights and interests of marriage is a practical way to protect!Do you support this?