China’s mobile phone market ushered in a shake-up: Glory fourth, Huawei fell out of the top five, the first place is a bit tough

2022-05-05 0 By

To be honest, in the whole smart phone market, the performance of domestic mobile phone manufacturers is still good, because the top six mobile phone sales in the world, except Samsung and Apple, are all domestic mobile phones, including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers are big brands with annual sales of more than 100 million.However, for the domestic mobile phone, which was originally intended to hit the high-end and gain more market share, however, it encountered the power consumption problem of Snapdragon 888 and still had to rely on Snapdragon 870 to stabilize the market.For example, some well-known research institutions will give research reports on the smartphone market share in China and even the world. This time, the report on the domestic mobile phone market share in the fourth quarter of 2021 shows a different result.Apple is the undisputed number one in the Chinese mobile phone market thanks to brisk sales of its new iPhone 13 series and older flagship models such as the cut-price iPhone12.Vivo and OPPO remain stable in the 2nd and 3rd place, while Huawei has dropped out of the top five, with its market share dropping from 23% to 7%, ranking sixth.On the contrary, glory mobile phone has reached the bottom of the rebound, the market ranking came to the fourth, pressure fifth Millet.Domestic handset makers that had planned to play in the flagship, or high-end, market share declined to varying degrees as many of Huawei’s existing customers opted for Apple’s phones.In the final analysis, on the one hand, the price of domestic mobile phones has risen. Android flagship phones are generally priced around 4,000 yuan, but the experience is not much better. Apple is “increasing quantity without increasing price”.The iPhone 12 is Apple’s first 5G phone, so it’s selling well, as iPhone users will surely prioritize 4G over 5G.When it came to iPhone 13, Cook directly took advantage of the supply chain to the extreme, and both mobile phone manufacturers and automobile manufacturers were in the “chip shortage”. However, iPhone did not raise the price, but increased the initial memory from 64GB to 128GB, and then lowered the price from 6299 yuan to 5999 yuan.Even with the latest snapdragon 8Gen1, android phones are still no better than the A15 bionic chip in terms of performance and power consumption, let alone the Snapdragon 888 processor.This is why Apple was able to become the no. 1 mobile phone in China in the fourth quarter of 2021.And with the gradual exposure of the news of iPhone 14, the price of iPhone 13 also welcomed fluctuations, now has dropped to a new low, the whole series of 400 yuan straight down activities, 128GB version of iPhone 13 price as low as 5599 yuan!After all, the iPhone is still very valuable. Such an iPhone 13 not only has a bangs 20% smaller than the previous generation, but also has a better power consumption and performance of the A15 bionic chip, which significantly improves the battery life.With the same displacement sensor as the iPhone 12 Pro, a more powerful camera, the IP68’s water resistance, and the advantages of iOS, the iPhone 13 is a good choice for many.