Deep care warm people’s heart!Panlong District Dongzhuang community condolence ex-servicemen

2022-05-05 0 By

Palm spring city news a few days ago, Panlong District Dongzhuang community Party Committee, Dongzhuang community veterans service station visited 3 difficult veterans, veterans to send holiday wishes and greetings.During the visit, the head of the community service station communicated with the retired soldiers, and extended holiday greetings and blessings to the veterans. He sincerely thanked them for their contributions to the country and socialist construction and their support for community work. He inquired about their physical condition, family economic situation and practical difficulties, and told them to take care of themselves.A bag of rice and a bucket of cooking oil were presented as holiday gifts.The retired soldiers expressed their gratitude to the party and the government for their care, and would continue to carry forward the fine tradition and style of soldiers in the future.Panlong District Dongzhuang community veterans service station in the future work to do a good job of the veterans work, do fine, do real, for veterans to provide more intimate, warm service.Kunming Daily all media reporter: Luo Kunya Editor: Mo Kaijing Editor: Zhou Jianjun Final: Qian Hongbing