Robertson: Not giving up is setting an example for your son. Players playing slow for a living will ruin snooker

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Robertson: Not giving up is what people like about Hunt. Fast pace is the right way to play.Radish interviewed: Not giving up is to set an example for his son, players playing slow for a living will destroy snooker.Recent Masters champion Neil Robertson hopes the upcoming German Masters in Berlin will be another important step in returning the world snooker tour to normal.It has been two years since the event was held in its spiritual home of the Iconic Tempodrom in the German capital, but the 2021 Masters was moved to Milton Keynes due to the pandemic.In the 2020 final, Robertson faced a familiar rival, Trump, losing 6-9 in a heated encounter.He is now looking forward to returning to Germany to try to win the tournament for the first time.He will face Luke Walton in the first round on Wednesday night.Robertson arrived in Germany brimming with confidence after beating Hawkins 10-4 in the final of the Masters earlier this month to claim the second masters title of his career.Ten years ago, he won snooker’s most prestigious invitational tournament, the Masters, for the first time in 2012.He has since lost two finals, in 2013 and 2015.The British media caught up with Robertson to reflect on his Masters victory and look ahead to the tournament in Germany over the next week.Media: Neil, looking back on your victory at Alexandra Palace, how important do you think it was in your career victories?Peter Robertson: “It’s absolutely unparalleled.Because I lost two Masters finals before, SO I don’t want to go to four finals with one win and three losses.Winning another Triple Crown event is also great.I won the British Championship last season and the Masters this year, which was great.I want to maintain a consistent level of performance in the biggest tournaments.””The most important thing is to take your opportunity when you get it.You can’t win a semi-final like I did and then lose a final.It feels wasteful.Hawkins was a little tired after his semifinal win over Trump, and he made a couple of key mistakes that gave me a 5-3 lead after stage 1.I felt really good at that moment, I played my best snooker and took the title from him.My long set percentage dominated the game.”Media: Your semi-final against Mawei is very memorable, you used two shots of snooker in the decider to win 6-5.In your later interviews, you urged the audience never to give up on their efforts.How important is it for you to use your performance to inspire others?”I think that’s something I’ve really learned as a father.You always try to set the best example for your children.When I talk to the media, I might play that role too.I know a lot of kids watch it.My son’s friends come up to me all the time and say they watched my games.I think every moment in your life you have the potential to inspire someone else’s life, and that’s important.It shows those really good qualities, which is why Hunt is so popular.If you’re in the game, it’s important not to give up when things get tough, and I think that sends a very positive signal to everyone watching.””Some fake fans have texted me saying they saw mark and ME in the semi-final and they couldn’t take their eyes off the decider. It was fantastic.I think the audience had a huge influence on that.They make it look very attractive.When you turn on the TV to watch a sporting event and see a big, raucous crowd enjoying it, it feels like a good game.Both semi-finals were fantastic and I’m sure the sport will win more fans with performances like this.Another important thing that makes the Masters great is that the game is played the right way.The players need to understand that.If you’re low in the rankings and struggling to make a living, I understand why you might feel the need to take a different (slower-paced) shot.Seed-only tournaments, however, tend to be played in the right way — all the matches at the Masters are fast-paced, aggressive matchups that are attractive.Because they don’t have to bear the burden of livelihood and bonuses.”(Runwu AB translation please click to pay attention to thank you)