A copy that touches your heart

2022-05-06 0 By

Nothing, smile, tomorrow may not be as good as today.On the top of the mountain, see the river;Above the peaks, I feel the wind blowing.Life is to live for yourself to see, you have how much color, the world will give you how much face.Everyone’s flowering is different, don’t worry about others than you have in advance.The mountains do not swear to the four seasons.Selling happy sunset, at half past five go home.The market is gentle, alley hiding romance.In the warm sun in March, I gave you the gentleness.The world is bitter, blatant preference is redemption.What person you are will meet what person, what person you are will choose what person.Don’t move from the muddy path, can’t step on the road covered with flowers.The arrival of spring is to tell you to love the world one more time.The stars reflected in your eyes are brilliant, a paradise I have never seen.Once a small boy, now big and round.You broke into my lens, so I press forever.