Your marriage is in a mess and you don’t know where the conflict is or how to resolve it

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Before I live in the husband’s family, we want to install TV rack in the room, her mother-in-law know special said nothing at the beginning, to install on the same day, her mother-in-law because listen to vegetable market colleague said, room don’t nail affect fetal god, so trying to dissuade my husband, but in fact that we already have an appointment with the master, the mother-in-law think can’t communicate with her husband, just give me a call.As soon as I got a phone call from the other side of the abusive, questioning, I was in a good voice with her before hanging up the phone.Finally after discussing with husband, still do not install TV frame with mother-in-law’s meaning.But because of this incident has not moved to her mother-in-law’s house I feel very bad.Later, I moved into my mother-in-law’s house, just because of some differences in living habits. I felt a little uncomfortable, and often ended up unhappy with my husband’s reaction.After a child is born, there are also disputes over the cost of supplies and living conditions and hygiene concerns.My husband thinks that his mother does not take care of my frequent visits to her husband’s house, and usually cooks and washes dishes and sweeps the floor at home. How can I not be grateful?Think I’m already happy.All I said was that I didn’t marry you today, and your mother does the same thing, so why do I have to be grateful to him for all this?And who cares about me?Because of life habits and eating habits, I really can provide for oneself, don’t need for me to do what his mother, but my husband is used to his mother to help him do these things, for some time, because of the outbreak (may) last year, I and children (child was eight months old) lived in my family, because her mother-in-law is doing business in the market, I would worry,So I told my husband first. In August, the epidemic slowed down a little. My husband asked when we would go back to live with his mother.I talked to him about next weekend or something, but I mentioned whether my mother-in-law would take a bath first when she came home from work with him from the market. Because children cannot be vaccinated, I am worried about the lack of antibodies.My husband promised me that he could do it, but his mother is not sure. I hope he can discuss it with his mother, because we are not happy about it again.My own mental status from seeing him before in a state is not very good, then I also feel have no time in his house after marriage, the husband’s family with her family a little conflict, once hard suicide at that time, my husband don’t think I live in the husband’s family’s happiness is his mama home quickly, but I think both sides is not my home, I have no sense of belonging,I can only really relax in my own room, and my husband thinks I’d rather die than live in his house, so we argue again.I have proposed that we move out to rent a house, and we can have dinner with your mother occasionally on holidays or weekdays, but my husband thinks there are resources at home, why not?Besides, it is a stupid thing to rent a house to others, so it is better to use it to buy a house and pay the mortgage. We quarreled later. We agreed to go back to his mother’s house for two days every weekend, and I would live in my mother’s house on weekdays.In addition to giving me time to get used to it, and the babysitting problem, staying at my mother’s house is a good fit.In fact, my husband and I have different values and money values.He felt he could save as much as he could, because he grew up watching his mother work hard to earn money, and his family had few resources, so he saved money.I was brought up by my grandparents, because they actually have no income, and sometimes they live on the living expenses given by uncles and their savings to raise us, so most of the time we share things.What I want is almost impossible to obtain.So out of the society I will feel that I have the ability to make money, I can rely on their own to get what they want.In this regard, my husband will think that I am a spendthrift and hope that I can save a little. However, in fact, our economy is independent, and I will think that he should not interfere in how to use my money, just as I will not interfere in how to use his money.I will not reach out to him to take money, the child’s upbringing expenses are also our joint expenses, a fixed amount of a month out like this.He always yearned for buying a house, hoping that he and I could have the same goal, but I really have no yearning for buying a house.He thinks I’m different from him.Recently, we had an unpleasant conversation. I was so angry that I hung up my husband’s phone. My husband was also unhappy and did not want to talk to me.