Congratulations, China’s first win in women’s ice hockey!

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China scored two goals in the last minute to beat Denmark 3-1 in the group stage of women’s ice hockey at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Thursday.China beat Japan in a penalty shootout in the Semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup to advance to the final early Today (Beijing time), as the Chinese women’s ice hockey team also staged a comeback at the Winter Olympics.After losing 3-1 to the Czech Republic in their first group match on Feb 3, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team’s match against Denmark takes on even more importance, as they must not lose again in order to finish in the top three of the five teams in the group.Compared with The Czech Republic, China’s first opponent in group stage, Denmark is a little weak.Denmark joined the International Ice Hockey Federation in 1946 and waited 75 years to get its first ticket to the Winter Olympics.Since its establishment in 1992, the Danish Women’s ice hockey team has only participated in the top-level group competition of the World Championship that year. After that, it has been absent from top-level competition for nearly 30 years, until 2021, it will return to the top-level group of the World Championship again.They beat Austria and Italy in the final round of the Winter Olympic Qualifying round and drew 2-2 in the regular time of the last match. In August 2021, they beat their seeded team Germany in the World Championship and entered the women’s ice hockey tournament of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.It is worth mentioning that the two head coaches of China and Denmark are very familiar with each other and have been partners for more than 7 years.Danish women’s ice coach Peter Eiland led Sweden to a miraculous victory over the United States in the medal final of the 2006 Turin Olympic Games.After leading the Swedish women’s ice hockey team to the top stage in the world for seven consecutive years, Iiland went to the University of North Dakota of THE NCAA as a co-head coach, with Brian Idalski, the current head coach of the Chinese women’s ice hockey Team.The two managers have worked together for more than seven years and know each other well.Now, to meet as rivals in the Beijing Olympics is full of drama.At the start of the game, China showed a more positive performance, suppressing Denmark in the front court, but the overall offensive efficiency of the players was mediocre, creating few threats.Instead, Denmark made its first quality attack eight minutes into the game, using a melee in front of the goal to break China into the net for a 1-0 lead.China then continued to dominate the ball, but the forward attack still lacked effective means to open the Denmark goal.In the second game, The Chinese team strengthened the cooperation in the front court and had more chances to shoot, but the Goalkeeper of the Danish team performed very well, repeatedly dissolving the Attacks of the Chinese team, even the single ball of the Chinese team.China finally got their chance just before the end of the second game when captain Yu Bowei deflected a shot off Lin’s stick and into the net to make it 1-1.By the end of the second game, China was leading 27-12 in shots.In the third game both teams became more cautious, looking for ways to limit mistakes.The Chinese team dominated the attack in the first half of the game, but the Danish team defended very actively.With 5:49 left in the game, China’s captain Yu Baiwei was fouled and Denmark was outgunned as China withstood the pressure.With only 50 seconds left in the game, China took a 2-1 lead after Lin Qiqi stole the ball in front of the goal and Lin Ni calmly scored with a single chip.In the final period, Denmark withdrew its goalkeeper and all six players went on the attack before China beat Denmark 3-1 through Lin Qiqi’s goal into an empty net.After this crucial victory, The Chinese women’s ice hockey team will have a day off tomorrow, and will face their third group match, Japan, on the afternoon of February 6.(Source: CCTV News)