Song Jiang’s five enemies in Liangshan are like five knives: which knife took Song Jiang’s life?

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Better learn taoyuan three sworn enemies, do not learn wagang a furnace of incense, the world’s most unfeeling, Liangshan one hundred single eight will.Taoyuan black cattle white horse worship heaven, Liu Bei Guan Yu Zhang Fei formed a life of love and friendship;Jialou forty-six friends for their own interests, finally pulled out the fragrant chief;Liangshan one hundred single eight generals like Lu Zhishen Wu Song so congenial brothers, but more is from the hostile camp to come together, there is a blood feud between each other.Fan Rui, the devil of Mount Mandang, once killed half of shi Jin’s three thousand men on Mount Huashan.Hu Yanzhu’s armored horses captured 500 soldiers alive and killed countless others. Lin Chong, Lei Heng, Li Kui, Shi Xiu, Sun Xin and Huang Xin were all wounded by arrows. Then Song Jiang’s gunslingers xu Ning attacked hu Yanzhu and wiped out all 8,000 of his troops.It is common sense to suppose that thousands of subordinates and comrades have been killed, and the hatred is enough to make one’s eyes bleed, but yesterday the rivals who were fighting for their lives are today the brothers who are drinking at the same table with arms, if not without heart, then with other motives.When the two armies engage, casualties are inevitable.Song Jiang and Hu Yanzhuo and Shi Jin and Fan Rui met each other on the battlefield. It can be said that they had no personal animosity. It is not unacceptable to shake hands and make up after the battle.But liangshan, or be destroyed by song Jiang pit, the future of the five “heroes”, I do not know why no one to Song Jiang to seek revenge — hanging in song Jiang’s head of the five knives, incredibly a decline down, this makes people very surprised.Actually readers, also need not surprised, ancient people often say “people have to bend under the eaves,” those who keep hair, just didn’t find the right opportunity, the five knife hanging in the sung river heads, finally several put down, as to which take off in the song jiang li kui lives, then, let’s welcome readers, analysis evaluation.The liangshan hero in the lyrics “should make a move when make a move”, the vast majority of liangshan hero in the original work of water Margin, in addition to cut and kill and eat ordinary people, are the shrink when shrink, see high Qiu also kowtowed, face the song Jiang that has killed father to destroy the enemy of the door, also did not draw a knife.Those imperial officers who were captured and surrendered at Liangshan were taking the initiative to seek trouble, and their skills were inferior to those of others in defeat. On the battlefield, swords and spears were blind, and either you killed me or I killed you.But those people sit in the home, misfortune from the sky to the unfortunate person, originally with Liang Shan did not have the slightest intersection, but by Song Jiang pit on The Liang Shan so that the family ruin, the person destroyed in the future, suddenly became “Liang Shan hero”, the anger and hatred in their hearts, estimate Song Jiang is also well known.Those brave men who were punished by Song Jiang, as long as they were normal people, or even a little bit of a sinner, would not let Song Jiang go:Jade kirin Lu Junyi, beautiful beard duke Zhu tong, magic doctor An Daoquan, holy scholar Xiao Let, jade arm craftsman Jin Dajian, like hanging in the song Jiang head of the five steel knives, as long as there is an opportunity, should be quickly cut down the potential, the six feet high Song Jiang into less than five feet.At this time, some readers may ask: Qin Ming and Hu Sanniang also hated Song Jiang for killing his family. Why didn’t they become one of the five knives used to kill Song Jiang?This problem is easy to explain: Qin Ming and Hu Sanniang are not people at all. They have new “wives” and “husbands”. They only laugh at the new ones, but don’t cry at the old ones.Qin Ming and wanted three niang night someone accompany is not painful, from jade kirin jun-yi lu to arm artisan itbank, five of the original has a life of ease, cuddling in the daily food and wine red green, life is very comfortable, we believed that have a poor beards and zhu 8, originally is also a rich young man, CiPei cangzhou, also get the appreciation of the magistrate’s adult,The future has become so bright that, in time, there will be no problem in becoming a ruler.Song Jiang ruined these people’s lives, trapped them in a small lonely mountain surrounded by water, life is dangerous and boring, it is impossible not to hate Song Jiang, they did not seek revenge to Song Jiang, one of the reasons for only one – fight.Jade kirin jun-yi lu, quiet while claiming to hebei QuanBang world-beater, but after all four hands fists difficult enemy, the tiger is afraid of wolves, li kui melee attack, flower RongYuan, jun-yi lu and which is near one single solitary, start work equals to die, so jun-yi lu can only save: first, “the crowd put all furniture treasure, to put on the car, the water margin to give away.”Lu junyi dissipates his wealth to buy his life from Song Jiang: Lu Junyi is highly skilled in martial arts, and his reputation is not bad. If he still holds a huge amount of wealth, Song Jiang will be afraid of him to attack his top position.Jun-yi lu the pawnshop shopkeeper in bitter ha ha people there crane split lean on the leg, but the river’s lake experience is zero, officialdom experience is also a blank SLATE, play tricks is not sung river, so he though this knife is the sharpest, but also the most safe – he is in front of sung river unintelligent, eagerly waiting to sung river only eat meat,Throw him a bone that doesn’t chew too clean.Zhu Tong could bear it, but the hatred in his heart had not been eliminated. Finally, he “managed the army in Baoding Prefecture with great achievements, and then broke the great gold with Liu Guangshi, and became the commander of taiping Army.” He would not be sad about The death of Song Jiang and Li Kui, but secretly happy about it, which is quite understandable:Later, zhu tong’s rank was higher than that of cangzhou governor, and he would have his own small yamen, who hated the actions of Song Jiang and Li Kui. It would have been a kindness not to set off firecrackers to celebrate, but to avenge Song Jiang and Li Kui would have had to wait for the sun to rise in the west.In addition to being sung river pit jun-yi lu, zhu 8, miserably, and offering an dao-quan scholar, master artisan itbank let shaw, jade arm, the three men could be “literacy”, in the broadest sense of the literacy is not so rough as Beowulf violent, but buried in the bottom of the heart hatred seeds germinate, is likely to grow into towering trees, and can be sung river scaffold.Song Jiang was killed by poisoned wine. Who came up with this plan, and who provided the poison? We can first look at the arms of these four well-educated heroes who left Song Jiang: “Andoquan Qin returned to Beijing, and became a medical officer of gold and purple in the Hospital;Jin Dajian has been in the palace royal treasure supervisor for the official;Xiao Rang was appointed to the Office of Tai Shi CAI as Mr. Menguan.”CAI Jing was a scholar and a top calligrapher at that time, but he knew nothing about poison. Even if he wanted to poison, he could not find the “magic formula” that could make people die slowly without leaving traces, including Lu Junyi who broke his kidney by drinking water silver, which could only be figured out by those who were skilled in medicine.CAI xiao, please let when “Mr MenGuan” eight sons had grown and took to the official career, there are six sons and five grandchildren when the bachelor’s degree, college students, others when xu, the prime minister (the eldest son Cai Youling privy council, open government apparatus with three division), don’t need tutor, so Mr CAI’s MenGuan, is actually the counselor and the generation of the author.If not for a long time in the rivers and lakes of the sage scholar Xiao Let and doctor An Daoquan advice or personally involved, poisoning Song Jiang, Lu Junyi this river’s five usual tricks, CAI Jing can not think of also do., of course, said shaw up idea, an dao-quan prescription, it’s just the author according to the normal thinking and make a conjecture, need ask readers, here, is in addition to jun-yi lu, 8, an dao-quan, xiao zhu, itbank, what men are by Song Jiangwu pit after the destruction, likely to revenge sung river, and eventually took the life of the sung river steel knife?