Thanksgiving angel to protect the safety of patients presented couplets paper-cut to extend Spring Festival greetings

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When grandma discharged from hospital paper-cut works for the hospital correspondent for the picture when grandma discharged from hospital for the Spring Festival couplets for the picture jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Yuan Jiaxin Shen Yuelin)”This is a little something for me.You are like my children, I wish you a happy New Year!"On February 3rd, grandma Shi, the inheritor of paper-cutting culture, was discharged from hospital to express her gratitude to the medical staff in the endocrinology department of Wuchang Hospital.Help the needy send warm Thanksgiving angel protect peace “;Chinese couplets and a number of lifelike tiger paper-cuts were sent to the hands of the medical staff to thank the medical staff during the hospital treatment and care, so that their condition has been improved.Shi, 67, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes six years ago and has been taking medication at home.Until half a month ago, when grandma appeared obvious thirst, lower limbs cooling fatigue, leg convulsions and other symptoms, they immediately went to wuchang Hospital endocrinology for treatment.After receiving the doctor Zheng Li, Shi Grandma formulated a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan, including dynamic blood glucose monitoring, low salt and low fat diet to control blood glucose, treatment of diabetes complications and other treatment measures."We also carry out daily education on diabetic diet so that Grandma Shi can have a more scientific diet and life.".my name’s zhengli from said.During the hospital stay, due to the weakness of lower limbs and leg convulsions caused by diabetes, grandma’s three meals a day became a problem.See when grandma worried about eating, the medical staff will take the initiative to take care of grandma, take turns to fetch water to buy rice for grandma, solve the problem of grandma.Problem & quot;." Even if it was 2 a.m. and I needed to move, these kids would be the first to come to me."”Said Grandma Shi.In a twinkling of an eye, after half a month of treatment, when grandma’s condition finally got better.When she learned that she would soon be able to leave the hospital and reunite with her family, a smile filled her face.When I left the hospital, grandma sent the couplets and paper cuts to the medical staff to thank them.Li Yan, director of the Department of Endocrinology, said that the department always puts patients first, and will warm every patient’s heart with careful care while providing professional treatment.