Why can’t I pay the mortgage?

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Why can’t I pay the mortgage?1. Borrowed loan is a consumer loan. China is not allowed to repay loans with loans, so borrowed loan cannot repay the mortgage;2. Borrowed loan can not be used to pay the mortgage, nor can it be used to pay the down payment of the house, because China has relevant regulations that consumer loans can not flow into the real estate market;3. The whole process of loans will be supervised by relevant departments, and the behavior of paying the mortgage by borrowing will be strictly checked.Debits belong to Alipay, which is a kind of consumer loan. We can borrow to relieve short-term economic pressure, but it is strictly forbidden to repay the mortgage with debits.We can use other ways also mortgages, for example, housing accumulation fund loan can be used to, can also be a month will return loan money deposited in the specific bank CARDS for mortgage payments, in short, borrow bai cannot be used for mortgage payments, if we don’t have on time also on the mortgage, the bank is sometimes also called urged our reimbursement, so we also loans on time,And according to their own actual situation to choose their own way to repay the mortgage.What should we pay attention to when using borrow?What are the ways to return the mortgage?Every loan we borrow will be recorded in our personal credit report. Timely repayment will improve personal credit score, but overdue repayment will have an impact on personal credit check. For example, if the number of overdue repayment is too many, the credit check will turn black, thus affecting daily consumption behaviors, such as buying train tickets and movie tickets.