Zhenhua Supermarket Qingdao Wanda Plaza store closed as soon as possible for the stored value card refund

2022-05-07 0 By

“We regret to inform you that zhenhua Supermarket Qingdao Wanda Plaza store will be closed on February 15, 2022.”Recently, Qingdao CBD Wanda Plaza Zhenhua supermarket door posted a closed notice.Guanhai news reporters learned that the relevant stored value card refund business will focus on February 18 to 20 days in zhenhua supermarket customer service desk, the follow-up refund business will need to go to Yantai Zhenhua supermarket.”Consumers can also choose to spend at zhenhua Supermarket’s Huangdao store and all Zhenhua Group stores nationwide.”Responsible for the stored value card refund business Mr Lu said.(source: view sea news) zhenhua supermarket at the entrance of the supermarket, the elevator with a closed shop announcement, announcement “zhenhua supermarket Qingdao wanda plaza store opened since four years, thanks to Qingdao customer care has been steady development, is now due to the adjustment, business will be on February 15, 2022 after the store closed closed.”At present, the supermarket related staff are carrying shelves, goods have been basically empty.During the three days of centralized card refund, the staff will handle the business at the service desk from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.When returning the card, the customer should bring the stored value card, the original id card and one copy of ID card, and the refund will be returned to the card holder in cash or non-cash form.”On the one hand, the business situation in the past four years has not been ideal, on the other hand, it is also a strategic adjustment at the company level. We will open new stores in other areas of Qingdao.”Lu said,CBD Wanda Plaza Zhenhua supermarket opened in 2018, since the opening of customer flow has not been ideal, Zhenhua supermarket has been in product positioning, marketing strategy and other aspects of adjustment, but the effect is not ideal, the final decision to close the store.It is reported that Zhenhua supermarket is yantai Zhenhua group supermarket brand, in Yantai, Weihai area relatively high visibility.At present, in Qingdao area, apart from CBD Wanda store, there is also a store in Oriental Movie Metropolis Sunchuang MAO.In 2018, Zhenhua Supermarket entered CBD Wanda Plaza, was once high hopes of the business circle.But four years after opening, it has yet to reverse its losses.Zhenhua is not the first supermarket in the CBD to close.Prior to this,CBD Wanda Plaza introduced jiashi, Orun te have closed down.In addition to CBD Wanda, the G-Super store on B1 floor of Excellence Finance City has also closed down.”In addition to product positioning and operational strategy, customer flow is also an important condition for supermarket operations.”Lu said zhenhua supermarket has not been supported by good customer flow during its nearly four years of operation.In addition, industry insiders believe that the huge impact of online consumption is also an important reason for the frequent closures of supermarkets in recent years.In office buildings in CBD business circle, young consumers account for a large proportion, and they have stronger acceptance of boutique supermarkets and new retail supermarkets, and are more picky about the format layout of supermarkets.As new supermarkets and member stores enter the supermarket track, the supermarket development in Qingdao will be more diversified in the future, and the market pattern will be restructured.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Wang Wei)