Shimen: Letters of praise in wechat group

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Rednet moment Changde February 4 news (reporter Qin Huimin changlong) During the Spring Festival, the state grid Shimen County power supply company power supply, service personnel on duty to go all out to stick to the first line of electricity service, they timely for the masses to solve the problem of electricity, obligation to eliminate indoor hidden dangers of electricity, has been praised by the masses.New Year’s Eve: What an electrician!Tang Hui qing: “yue cloud driving school edge Chen Zhiwen behind, electricity meter into the line broke, please electrician to help pick up!”Desk area manager Li Zhou: “you wait a moment, I will come right over!”.This is January 31, New Year’s Eve, Baofeng Shuangqiao community in Shimen County wechat grid group conversation.During the Spring Festival, Tang Hui family all go home reunions, comes at a low temperature sleet, home opened 3 air conditioners and one electric oven, there are a lot of electrical work in the kitchen, the last a few days of high load, load switch into line connection in the current, in a process of live not watch Spring Festival gala, the elderly and the children all the noise up.Tang Huiqing thought that Li Zhou, manager of baofeng Power supply station, had published service information in the group a few days ago, so he directly contacted Li Zhou in the wechat group.Get information, Li Zhou rushed to shuangqiao village immediately.In less than 20 minutes, the Chen family’s problem was solved.The old man and the children were happy to see the electric light come on.”The electric service is excellent!Our whole family gives a thumbs up to the electrician in charge of Shuangqiao community!”Seeing that his problems were solved so quickly, Tang huiqing specially praised Li Zhou in the group.New Year’s Day: Pay tribute to the most beautiful power workers continuous wave of low temperature weather, east Mountain has been shrouded in snow and ice, snow on the ground more than 20 cm.Peng Yong has also been on duty in the team on New Year’s Eve, always watching the operation of the transformer.At about four o ‘clock in the morning of the first day of the New Year, the load dropped obviously and he lay down for a while fully dressed.Sleep less than two hours, Peng Yong was awakened by a bell.”Happy New Year, Master Peng!I don’t know what happened to the electricity in my house.Can you take a look at it for me?A whole family waiting for electric cooking!”At 7:00 in the morning, Chen Xiaozhuan, a tujia old man from Wushantai district, called.”Ok, I’ll come right away, but there is snow on the way, so it may be a bit slow!””Don’t worry, you ride a bike slowly do, safety first!”Dressed, wearing a helmet and carrying a kit, Peng yong headed for Wushan, careful with every step he took on icy roads.8 km road, Peng Yong just rode for nearly an hour.Working in alpine and mountainous areas for a long time, he has developed a good cycling skill.See Peng Yong arrived at his home in the snow, Chen Xiaozhuan hurriedly took a towel to help Peng Yong beat off the thick snow.No rest, Peng Yong immediately began to check the line, the original leakage protector is broken.Replace the new leakage protector, Chen Xiao expert’s light is on.”On the first day of the first month of the New Year, my switch out of power, Peng Yong arrived at my house to troubleshoot the snow and ice, for this special thanks to Peng Yong!Salute to the most beautiful electrical workers!”Chen sent a thank-you letter to the electric mule service group, along with peng yong’s work photo, which was liked by many community members.State grid Shimen County power supply company like this scene, during the Spring Festival from time to time.”Thank you to Mr. Chen from Baofeng Power Supply.Today is New Year’s Eve.But my home suddenly power cut, had to turn to Chen master.Master Chen two immediately came to us to bring light, water did not drink, smoke did not smoke a root, this kind of heart for the people to do things that we are very moved.Thanks to both of them through wechat.””Thank you!Thousands of lights, family reunion, cannot leave your power workers dedication, worthy of being excellent Communist party members!Zan zan!”.”You are responsible for the lively New Year, I am responsible for protecting the electricity escort!”This is the state Grid Shimen County power supply company all staff during the Spring Festival to the service area of every masses solemn commitment.It is reported that as of The morning of February 4, all power supply stations and service stations of Shimen County Power Supply Company of State Grid have received a total of 32 letters of praise in various forms from customers in the wechat group during the Spring Festival of 2022. They show others the responsibility of State Grid people with their own personal experiences.