Suzhou report detailed track!One confirmed case had traveled by car from Anhui province.

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On February 14, Suzhou reported seven new local confirmed cases and one asymptomatic case, drawing attention.On the evening of February 14, Suzhou announced the “7+1” activity track.It is worth noting that “confirmed case 6” had taken K5827 from Chuzhou, Anhui province to Suzhou Railway Station (Bus no. 59) on February 6.The detailed track of the case is as follows: Confirmed case 6: lives in Xicaotang Village, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, works for Baoshide Technology in the industrial park, and is in the same unit as case 2.On February 6, I took K5827 from Chuzhou, Anhui to Suzhou Railway Station (No.59 of Bus 6), took a taxi home from 19:00-19:24, went to Dayun City by electric bike at 19:49 to buy dinner at a noodle shop and went home.February 7, 7:03 to Mudu Shenxiang love fresh shop and Century Hualian supermarket, 7:20 to work by shuttle bus 8:41 to Mudu Shenxiang Xiao drugstore, return to work, 17:30 to go home by shuttle bus.February 8, 7:17 to Jinfeng Road, Xiangyang intersection daniang dumplings restaurant for dinner, 7:30 by bus to work, 17:30 by bus to go home, 19:49 to Mudu Dayun City to meet fried sauce noodle shop and Han Palace banquet.February 9-10, take the shuttle bus to work at 7:20, take the shuttle bus to go home at 17:30.On February 11, I went to work by bus at 7:20, went home by bus at 17:30, and went to Mudu Dayun City at 19:49 to buy dinner with jajangmian and then went home.On February 12, she stayed at home all day because of discomfort symptoms.At 15:00 on February 13, he went to fever clinic of Suzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital by motorbike. After nucleic acid test was positive, he was transferred to a designated medical institution in the city for isolation and treatment.Local diagnosis +40, suzhou rose to the middle risk!Eighty new COVID-19 cases were reported in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, including 40 local cases, the National Health Commission (NHC) said on Monday.8 cases in Jiangsu province, all in Suzhou;2 cases in Guangdong, both in Shenzhen;1 case in Guangxi, baise City).A total of 44 asymptomatic cases were reported, including 7 in China (4 in Jiangsu province, all in Suzhou;3 cases in Yunnan, all in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture).Residents in Huludao, Liaoning province, take nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner.Suzhou, East China’s Jiangsu province, has closed 15 entrances to expressways and set up 31 inspection points on expressways leaving the city starting from midnight On Monday. Drivers and passengers should carry nucleic acid test negative certificates within 48 hours and a green health code.As of 23:00 on the 14th,Suzhou wujiang district wuzhong district city oasis in Minneapolis community 41 building, guo lane street west Jin Yue dushu lake garden issue 19 mudu town, wuzhong district, shen xiang village house 47 ~ 18, gusu tianchen garden, 69 village house, suzhou industrial park, east lake county garden phase ii 22 blocks, such as suzhou industrial park, east county 115 6 were adjusted for risk in the region.Suzhou tiger Hill Scenic area, Suzhou Garden Museum, the Master of Nets Garden and other garden venues were suspended from opening on Monday.On February 14, suzhou suspended the opening of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.In Jingxi, Guangxi, the new villages of Dayingtun and Nongtie village in Wuping Town, Wuping Town, have been adjusted as medium-risk areas, and closed management has been implemented to restrict the movement of people in these areas since April 14.Five people tested positive for COVID-19 nucleic acid were found in Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia on Thursday.From 8 o ‘clock on The 15th, all traffic roads and entrances and exits of manzhouli city are under strict traffic control. People are not allowed to enter or leave Manzhouli city until approved by the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters.Road passenger vehicles, buses, taxis and other public transport facilities have been suspended, domestic airport flights have been closed, and railway passenger vehicles have been suspended.Cinemas, restaurants, indoor sports and fitness venues, small hotels located in the basement or semi-basement, all kinds of offline education and training institutions and other relatively closed Spaces will be suspended.Welfare institutions and old-age service institutions shall be completely closed and no one shall be allowed to enter or leave.| source: xin an evening to the suzhou release, news broadcast | editor: Yao Qin | statement: all peer originator If there is any infringement please contact delete code on first trial, but check to review: Wu Cheng final: cheng Jiang Limin platform operations: media center to let more people find AnQingZhi anqing city