The 2022 Henan provincial civil servant exam will be applied on February 18, and the recruitment requirements will be relaxed to the grassroots level

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Zhang Huajing, reporter of Elephant News · Henan News broadcast, will apply for the 2022 Henan Provincial civil servant exam online from 18th of this month.Compared with last year, the number of people recruited slightly increased this year, the conditions are appropriately relaxed, to college graduates and grassroots inclined: this year, Henan civil servant provincial examination plan to recruit 7,993 people, and last year’s 7,901 people compared with a small increase of 1.01%.Experts say the number of applicants this year may exceed the 500,000 mark, and competition is still fierce.Lu Jingxiu, deputy director of the Henan Institute of Public Education, said, “Last year, 490,000 people should have signed up for the provincial exam.Judging from the situation of this year, I think the number of applicants will be more than 400,000, and even more than 500,000.The competitive ratio of provincial exams is basically around 40 to 1.In the national provincial exams, our competition is higher than others.”This province takes an examination to recruit in the plan, the position of 98% above does not ask basic level work experience, the graduate that accords with condition of my province full-time technical school can consult junior college and undergraduate course education level to enter oneself for an examination.In addition, for the first time, judges were selected from lawyers and legal experts to encourage and guide the flow of talent to the grassroots level.Lu Jingxiu: “In 2021, 185 people and 105 posts will require grassroots work experience.In 22 years, the number of jobs decreased by 51, or 27.57 percent, to 134 and 67.”For college graduates, you actually increase the number of opportunities you can apply for, giving more college graduates more job opportunities.”Candidates can register online from 9∶00 on February 18 to 17∶00 on February 22 via henan personnel exam website, Yu Shi Ban mobile phone application or Yu Shi Ban Alipay mini program.Confirmation and payment will be made after passing the preliminary qualification examination, and the written test will be taken on March 26th.Lv Jingxiu reminds: “the exam it is classified, one is township post, one is county-level post, and one is public security post.Register for the township students is more important to mention the score of the test, register for the county students to pay more attention to the theory, to avoid the theory of pulling points.