A shares: The Shanghai Composite Index rose again shrinkage, Thursday probability is green!

2022-05-09 0 By

Today’s Shanghai Composite index said strong also strong, but go very far-fetched, afternoon a lot of plates have not willing to lead the plate, there was a dive, then Shanghai composite index will naturally dive!Data analysis closed, the Shanghai Composite Index Shanghai 0.57%, gem high open low, took a false negative line, up 0.07%, Shenzhen component index rose 0.23%.In terms of funds, today continues to be outflow action, has continued to outflow for three consecutive days, 2.14 out of 3.788 billion, 2.15 out of 3.545 billion, today continued to outflow 1.623 billion, north has been known as smart capital why will always be outflow!The main capital outflow was 4.363 billion won.The sectors leading the increase were engineering consulting services (5.81%), engineering construction (4.44%) and decoration (3.6%).The concept plate rose the most is industrial machine 4.61%, Hangzhou Asian Games 4.45%, assembly construction 4.06%.The words of a stock respect make money effect is better, rose again had 3564, fell 1031, the number of daily limit has 83, rose more than 5 have 166, dropped only 4, drop more than 5 only 27!Index analysis Shanghai Index today will be high open, is a reason, the peripheral market is good, why they will rise the main reason or Russia Ukraine tension has been eased, may not play!So our big A 3 big index with respect to collective high open, but high open also went high, high go not important, important is diving, what problem does diving show?Someone is not optimistic about this position, or it is the person who copied bottom in front did profit to settle, and foreign capital has been again, we have been talking about this problem recently, is it because they are not optimistic about this position, so to settle!Let’s take a look at the disk, today again shrinkage rose, again deviated from the volume price, the first few times is also the bottom range, just up, shrinkage rose, small diving, and then the real go back to step on!This front step back, I have been quite tangled, in the end is it successful step back, in the end is it the second foot, today’s diving, I really think, things are not so simple, still have to step back, if not to step back also have to concussion!We take a look from the average line, tomorrow if you go up to the 20 moving average pressure, so tomorrow is very likely to stay on the shadow!But don’t go up after all return not certain, likely went down directly!The meaning that I want to express is, this position cannot see reverse, go to touch 20 average average line to get down, if go of almost, big finance also does not protect dish tomorrow, came down directly, because today is capital construction leads, big finance does not have performance!Gem words, the point of view has been very clear, today is the same!In front of a rebound, there is also no quantity, the above position we talked about, up shrinkage shows that the main force just didn’t go to hit well, not the main force said this position I will stop, here is the low chip I want!That position just didn’t go bust!Then the volume fell, and continue to hit, is not!The same now this position, but also less than 5 days of 10 days of average, the benchmark has not met, see reversal is difficult!Yesterday’s surge also said, but recently has been unilateral decline, the rebound has not given to the fall, the front or shock down, now directly fell below 2800, this position performance, such a big support, and then the technical anti pumping, 2800 support, plus depressed mood, broke out!Today, to touch the 10 moving average, but directly down, received a small cross star, but the 5 moving average did not break, in the short term we see the first rebound bottom!At least 3-5 rebound, and then see not broken box!Do not break or continue to build the bottom, broken that still have to see 2600 points!Go sideways around that!Don’t worry!Summary index we speak so much, said is also very clear, impatient not hot tofu!Shanghai Composite index tomorrow to break the probability is relatively small, this position still need time to polish!The words of gem are nothing more than medical care, new energy, photovoltaic, and some such plates, which are also a rebound after falling, and we have to observe the next, but specific plate specific analysis!Welcome to leave a message!I will comment on the board later!# Daily fund board comment # Original is not easy, feel useful click like + attention.See you in the comments section if you have any questions!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to small mu investment notes