Chinese shield machine is exported to Portugal for the first time

2022-05-09 0 By

On April 6th, a “cloud acceptance” across thousands of miles was held in East Xinjiang of Tianjin as promised. The earth pressure balance shield machine manufactured by China Railway Equipment Co., LTD successfully passed the acceptance of overseas customers. This is the first time that China’s shield machine is exported to Portugal.The shield equipment exported will be used in the Lisbon drainage tunnel project, the capital of Portugal. The project is a single-line tunnel, divided into two sections, with a total length of 5.5 km and a maximum rock strength of 135 mpa.According to the characteristics of the project, the design team optimized the shield machine cutter head, equipped with advanced control system, the whole machine can meet not only soft soil layer, but also meet the tunneling requirements of strata with large rock strength, providing strong equipment support for the high-quality and efficient construction of the project.It is understood that the equipment is expected to be disassembled and shipped to Lisbon, capital of Portugal, in May.(Media Reporter Xia Zhenyu)