Focus on Shandong Province 2022 Work Mobilization Conference | 113 key projects to help Qingzhou “New Rise”

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Weifang Daily Weifang Media News At the beginning of the New Year, spring is full of vigor and renewal.To ensure a “good start” in the first quarter, Qingzhou news of success.Among them, 11 projects were approved as major provincial key construction projects in 2022, which further boosted morale and added motivation.Full power production of Jianghuai automobile light truck manufacturing workshop.The reporter learned that these projects are two provincial major projects, seven provincial preferred projects to replace old and new driving forces, one provincial key contract project of “double recruitment and double introduction”, and one provincial project to strengthen weak spots.Among them, shandong Dongpu Permanent Magnet Motor Co., LTD. Permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet servo motor and intelligent power control system r&d and manufacturing projects and other industrial projects occupy half of the country.Zhang Peng, director of Qingzhou Development and Reform Bureau, told reporters that shandong Province’s 2022 work mobilization conference proposed to focus on the “ten innovations”, they will take these 11 provincial key projects as the lead, overall planning to focus on the 102 key projects established in Qingzhou, to support the “new backbone” of qingzhou’s “new rise”.Mask production line of Qingzhou Yaowang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.February 6, reporters in Qingzhou interview found that the local Yingke medical treatment, Yaowang pharmaceutical, Sinohua Hongrun and many other enterprises, or in the full drive to busy production, or in full speed to promote the construction of the project to promote investment, promote transformation, promote development, to protect the first quarter of the “good start”.In the general production control workshop of Sinochem Hongrun, the reporter saw the computer screen showing a real-time data, the equipment in a safe and smooth operation.Li Hongdou, deputy general manager of Sinochem Hongrun, said, “During the Spring Festival, we had more than 1,200 employees working on production and construction projects.”Later, the reporter came to the project site of Tambor Smart Technology Park and saw that the core projects such as product exhibition center, quality control center and training workshop had been capped, and the staff were preparing to start work in the Spring Festival.Hou Zengjiang, secretary of the Party branch of Tambor Garments, told reporters: “The smart technology Park project is a key step for Tambor Garments to continuously enhance the development of innovation, from traditional production to intelligent manufacturing.”Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Loader production line.With a strong industrial foundation, Qingzhou focuses on improving the development quality of high-end chemical industry, machinery and equipment, automobile and parts, intelligent manufacturing and other industrial clusters, focusing on building “leading” enterprises, promoting a number of leading enterprises such as Caterpillar and JAC Motors to rise in an all-round way.Last year, six enterprises, including Sinochem Hongrun, paid more than 1 billion yuan in taxes.Tambor down jacket won the provincial manufacturing single champion product;There are 7 new provincial gazelle enterprises, 18 weifang municipal and above “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises, and 16 Weifang municipal level “hidden champion” enterprises.Since 2016, there has been 1 industrial enterprise with output value over 10 billion yuan in Qingzhou, 7 enterprises with output value between 10 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan, and 9 enterprises with output value between 500 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan.Production workshop of Shandong Yunnei Power Co., LTD.Reporters learned that to ensure a “good start” is only qingzhou for the whole year to lay a solid foundation for the initiative of the “small goal”.To embark on a new journey and take new steps, Qingzhou has determined its long-term tasks:In accordance with the general requirements of “big changes in one year, big improvement in two years, big development in three years and big leap in five years”, the city has been striving to speed up high-quality development and vigorously promote the new rise of the millennium old city. Within five years, the regional GDP has exceeded 100 billion yuan and the general public budget revenue has reached 10 billion yuan, ranking among the top 10 counties in the province.Weifang Daily all-media reporter: Fu Sheng/wentu Correspondent: Liu Fangfang