Icy roads yellow warning | driving please pay attention to safety!

2022-05-10 0 By

According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, Chongqing Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue a yellow warning signal for road icing at 15:00 on February 7, 2022, and it is expected that from 15:00 on February 7 to 10:00 on February 9,Wanzhou district, obviously, chengkou county, yunyang county, fengjie, wuxi county, home, metro area, the qijiang count area, wansheng district, the nanchuan district, fuling, fengdu, pillars of wulong area, pengshui county, county, qianjiang, YouYang County, XiuShan County road 600 meters above sea level area table temperature will be lower than 0 ℃, may have an impact on traffic icy roads, please pay attention to guard against.Pay attention to the weather forecast and early warning information in time to plan the driving route in advance, arrange the trip reasonably, try to avoid the road section affected by rain and snow weather.The snowstorm may lead to temporary control measures on some expressway sections. Drivers should pay attention to the traffic control information issued by the public security traffic management department in the areas affected by the snowstorm in advance and adjust their travel plans in time.Check the wiper before going out to ensure that it can work normally if the window fogs on the way, the air outlet mode can be switched to the defogging mode, open the cold or warm wind, disperse the fog (note: the fog will be thicker at the beginning of the warm wind defogging, to choose a safe place to stop the fog, to be clear vision after driving on the road);At the same time, attention should be paid to the rational use of lights, timely turn on the headlights, profiler lights and rear lights.Rain and snow wet road, need to reduce the speed to increase the distance with the car, driving to avoid rapid acceleration, brake, emergency direction;When going through curves, slow down in advance and play the direction slowly;In driving, try to reduce the back and forth parallel and overtaking, try to choose to follow the car, to avoid frequent operation to increase the probability of accidents.Keep in mind the second accident “car pull over, people evacuate, namely alarm” 9 words tips, if the vehicle accident or failure and unable to move, need to continue to open the lights and danger alarm flash, in the car behind more than 150 meters placed warning signs.If visibility is low, the distance can be further extended to 200 meters, so that the next car as soon as possible to avoid.The occupants of the vehicle should evacuate to safe areas in time, and call the police and wait.