Food recommendation | childhood “nostalgia bowl gao” most can capture the heart!You can eat in these places

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Little about the memory of childhood is often not with us the way the nostalgic bowl of gao an awakened mind is sweet and take you back to the beauty of the old ▼ [food] Watson st home school the first corner on the left into the one on the way home from school when I was young, would come [food] Watson buy pot seed cake to eat ~ ordinary simple store, taste rich bowl seed cake,Carrying the childhood memories of several generations!Coconut juice, red beans, chocolate, bananas, colorful pot cakes make people miss and cherish [three lamp pot cake] three lamp market, Macao Peninsula Carumeye is round hidden in the pot pot cake truck stall of three lamps, which is really packed in pot pot cake, which always adds a bit of nostalgia.There are two flavors of brown sugar and coconut water. The taste is more refined than abundant. The soft and moist bozi cake is still the taste in memory.[Sanbao Ice Room] Main store address: No. 5, Feiliang Shao Street, Macau, quanshao Garden underground shop E branch address: Macau, No. 356, Governor Road, South bank garden, AH Shop, Sanbao Ice room’s nostalgic snack bowl cake, no matter when and where can bring you the taste of childhood.Chocolate, red bean with brown sugar and red bean with coconut juice are three flavors, each one is the best flavor, each one is soft and moist, each one is simple and charming.[All in Mind] The Taishan Municipal Market in Qingzhou Road, Macao kindly received the red bean bowl cake from the hands of my aunt. The Square Inch Shop seems to have magic healing power for food, which not only satisfies my tongue but also consoles my sorrow.The soft and moist bozai cake is still the old taste in my memory.# Macao snacks ## Macao cuisine ## Macao travel ## Macao Raiders ## Macao travel # aldo # Macao travel # aldo # Macao travel # aldo # Macao travel # aldo #