“Hangzhou Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Green Finance Strategic Cooperation Memorandum” was officially released

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Recently, The Energy Bureau of Zhejiang Province officially issued the guidelines for promoting the development of rooftop distributed photovoltaic for the whole county (city, district) of Zhejiang Province.The Guidelines were jointly compiled by Hangzhou Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association, Zhejiang Photovoltaic Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Zhejiang Electric Power Company, organized by the Provincial Energy Bureau, aiming to standardize and guide the whole county (city, district) in Zhejiang province to promote the safe, orderly and high-quality development of rooftop distributed photovoltaic pilot work.It is reported that this is the first provincial implementation guidelines for the whole county to promote distributed photovoltaic development pilot work.3.4.22: Encourage financial institutions to provide financing support for rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in pilot counties (cities, districts);Encourage financial guarantee institutions to provide guarantee and credit support for photovoltaic projects that pass acceptance;Insurance institutions are encouraged to offer premium concessions to insured pv assets that meet high quality requirements.In hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association, under the organization of seven financial institutions jointly signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of hangzhou distributed photovoltaic roof green finance “, in the hope of green in the whole county to promote the financial sector to establish friendly cooperation, common to realize the goal of carbon was at peak, carbon neutral, and make contributions to the development of green high quality power state to a green economy transition strategy to achieve goals.The memorandum was officially released on January 18, 2022 by Zhao Yonghong, secretary General of THE Association, at the theme forum of “Helping Zero-carbon Co-creation and Sharing with one Heart” held in Hangzhou Low-carbon Science and Technology Museum.The parties hereby reach the following consensus on the joint promotion of financial institutions and industry associations based on standards, specifications and certification, and in-depth development of green financial services for rooftop distributed photovoltaic applications in Hangzhou:1. Under the background of “dual carbon goal”, the distributed photovoltaic (PV) project in the whole county and the pv application of civil buildings assume an important carbon reduction mission. We are willing to work together to ensure safety and quality, and help hangzhou’s Carbon peak action with financial services.In recent years, hangzhou photovoltaic association has released two distributed photovoltaic roof project acceptance specifications, type the additional business distributed photovoltaic roof system operation maintenance regulations and the additional business distributed photovoltaic roof system installation specification “, and with the approval of state certification and accreditation of third-party certification agency cooperation,Organize and carry out the service ability certification of photovoltaic installation/operation and maintenance enterprises, which provides a standard work basis with strong pertinence, operability and practicability to guide the safety and quality work of the first-line practice of the project, and also lays a solid foundation for the green financial services of rooftop distributed photovoltaic.Three, the installation of photovoltaic association for import hangzhou/operational standard certification, photovoltaic pv installation business operations undertaken, the carrier of distributed photovoltaic roof project, 1, zhejiang branch and zhejiang yongcheng insurance friends taian insurance broker will provide professional insurance scheme, and actively promote green insurance services, fast-trackAnd cooperate with banks and finance leasing companies to support the risk management of project financing;2. Hangzhou Industrial Bank and Hangzhou United Bank will actively promote the provision of preferential interest loans and fast-track financing services to project investors, general contractors and installers;3. Wanxiang Leasing Company will actively promote preferential interest and fast-track financing services for project investors, general contractors and installers;4. Kuang Xi Carbon Neutral Consulting will actively promote the planning service of carbon financial transaction mode and risk control.Iv. All parties shall actively support and participate in the establishment of green Finance Working Group of Hangzhou Photovoltaic Association and jointly promote various green finance work.The future of distributed photovoltaic engineering services should be the work of more national participation and mass entrepreneurship. We encourage more people to learn the installation, operation and maintenance standards of distributed photovoltaic, advocate enterprises to obtain service certification, and build an industry atmosphere of “learning together and promoting excellence”.In the province to gradually cultivate a large number of high-quality photovoltaic installers, operation and maintenance business, is an urgent task under the current situation, only enough industry talents and excellent enterprises to understand the standard, learn the standard, practice the standard, in order to support the province’s distributed photovoltaic county to promote the pilot work in an all-round way.