Chinese football can’t be good?The reason is very simple, Dong Lu: li Xiaopeng is blind to the ball

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Chinese football will never be good!The reason is simple, Dong Lu:See the wrong person, Li Xiaopeng come latelys Beijing time on February 2, 2022, the team’s game against Vietnam has ended, and whether home or away, lost to Vietnam is something we should not, and People’s Daily is post, said China’s national soccer team lost a shouldn’t lose the game, if it’s 2-0 loss to Japan football fans can forgive,The fans were shocked by the 3-1 defeat of Vietnam. Dong Lu, the famous mouth, also opened the live broadcast in the middle of the night and said he was wrong about the person. Li Xiaopeng turned out to be a ball blind.As the head coach of the national team, he did not have his own ideas, and the coaching team of more than 10 people, why did they go?The fans let whoever goes on who, and we also found that the national football team such a record, But Li Xiaopeng was not scolded, because he is in accordance with the idea of the fans, and if Li Xiaopeng did not reuse foreign aid, then Li Xiaopeng will still be scolded like Li Tie.Now coming out of a sentence, that is, Chinese football will never be good, in fact, the reason is very simple, is reason enough to illustrate the problem, that is at four o ‘clock fan4 zhi4 yi4 spoke statement, one of the most important thing is that Chinese football later don’t be points, the hidden meaning depends on the relationship between superior and youth team so much good prospect, and the Chinese super league so many people, several hundred people,And you can find that the National football team training 53 people, the results of the last field or a few people, almost no change.Some players, including new star Yan Dinghao, joined the national team as a training partner, while Luo Guofu and Alan Dong Lu also said that they would go back to Brazil for two months to eat and drink, and then not participate in the training camp, while those young players worked hard to get a chance, only to be kicked off the team when they returned from Brazil.If the team’s game in the future, not just select players, cronyism, so the team’s never good, but it is said that YanJunLing is XX son, wang lei was reduced, and many people reported that YanJunLing lost how many goals against Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and poor ability of attack, stood in the line turtle, so players, known as the “son”,If this kind of thing does not change again and again, the National football team will not enter the World Cup for at least 30 years, then what do you think about this problem?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!