Hko: There may be 5 to 8 tropical cyclones within 500 km range this year

2022-05-12 0 By

Hong Kong, March 23 (CNS) — The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) forecast on Wednesday that five to eight tropical cyclones will move within 500 km of Hong Kong in 2022, which is normal to more than normal.Looking ahead to the weather in 2022, the Observatory expects there is a chance that Hong Kong’s monsoon season will start in Or before June and end in or after October, the observatory said.There may be 5 to 8 tropical cyclones within 500 km of Hong Kong, which is normal to more than normal.Due to global warming and local urbanization, the chance of average temperature being normal to high is expected to be high this year.On the other hand, the total rainfall for the whole year is expected to be normal to high. Hong Kong is likely to be affected by heavy rain. The Observatory reminds the public to be prepared for the rainy season.The Observatory said it would continue to enhance its services this year.On climate forecasting, the Hong Kong Observatory will issue quarterly forecasts for the next three months on a monthly basis starting from April. The forecasts will include grades of average temperature and total rainfall for the next three months.The Observatory is also studying the combined effects of strong winds and prolonged torrential rain brought about by tropical cyclones to further enhance forecasting and disseminate relevant information to the public to better protect public safety.As the number of very hot days and hot nights continues to increase, the Observatory will, starting this summer, issue a “Special Weather alert” on persistent hot days through the mobile app “My Observatory” push notification to remind the public to take appropriate measures against the persistent effects of very hot days or hot nights.Relevant information will also be posted on the Observatory website.The Observatory also reviewed the weather conditions in 2021 and noted that 2021 was the warmest year in Hong Kong since records began in 1884, with an average annual temperature of 24.6 degrees.The average temperatures of March, May and September were 22.0 degrees, 29.0 degrees and 29.7 degrees, respectively, the highest ever recorded for those months.The number of hot nights (i.e., the daily minimum temperature of 28.0 degrees Celsius or above) and the number of very hot days (i.e., the daily maximum temperature of 33.0 degrees Celsius or above) reached 61 days in 2021, both breaking the record set in 2020.