If you are in your 50s, you can live more easily only by doing danshari well

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Danshari is an idea of modern life.Remove distractions from your mind, eliminate unwanted things, live a simple life and enjoy a free and comfortable life.Lao Tzu said, “The road is simple.””Avenue to simplicity” means less but better, which is a kind of advanced state of simplicity.In your fifties, the first thing to do is to let go of your “senile” attitude.People are not unearthed cultural relics, not the older the more valuable.There is an old saying that “bully the old, not bully the young”, if you want to live comfortably and avoid embarrassment, you must first learn to stand aside.Just a few more years before you retire, those honors and achievements will be of no use to you at all. Give in to what you should, give in to what you should, and plan your life after retirement.Accept the ordinary life of children, give up high requirements for children.The children have also grown up, has formed his life, many things are accumulated over a long period of time.At this point, it’s too late to ask for anything, to have high expectations.Oneself is an ordinary person, why want so high request to children?They can also be ordinary people.3. Throw away the extra things at home or sell them by hanging them on idle fish. Live a simple and frugal life.In fact, life does not use so many things, many things only once or twice a year, there is no need to save.A few good clothes are enough. A lot of clothes are bought and left unopened for several years, which is pure waste.There are fewer things in the house, it looks more clean and tidy, even the cleaning.And you feel a lot more relaxed.Declutter once a year and get rid of everything you don’t need to keep your closet clean.Praise more, ridicule less.Look on the bright side.At this age, it doesn’t matter who you are.There is no 100% fairness in the society, and my vision is limited. I can’t see the whole picture at my height, so don’t evaluate anything one-sided.Existence is necessary to understand all social phenomena with this way of thinking.Learn to speak nicely, not cynically.To be a middle-aged and elderly person full of positive energy.People live in this world, from small to big, from big to old, every stage has every stage of happiness, we should cherish every period of time, enjoy life, enjoy the happiness brought to us by growth.After 50 years, people have reached the age of knowing the destiny, the remaining time is not much, in the limited time, give play to their spare heat, happy to enjoy life, serious study and do “Danshari”, let oneself live more happy, live more young.This is the flavor of New Year