Positive energy, noble character warm people

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At the end of last year, Tang Jing, a cleaner at Shanghai Chongming Huan Hong Cleaning Service Co., LTD, found nearly 30,000 yuan in cash at work and returned it to the owner.Tang Jing still remembers the scene of that day vividly.It was a winter morning before dawn, and she was doing her usual routine of sweeping along Chong ‘an Road.After crossing the road, Tang Jing saw a black leather bag on the windowsill beside the wall.After opening the bag, she found a pile of very thick cash, ID card, a number of bank cards, etc. Tang Jing immediately contacted the team leader and reported to the person in charge of the company.After counting, there is more than 28,000 yuan in cash in the bag, then according to the id card clues, the person in charge of the company found that the owner yu mou is the town of the city bridge village villagers, then contact the village party secretary, and inform the owner to come to receive.Get money of time, yu mou is very excited.He also offered cash to thank Tang jing, who declined.”It’s a small thing. It’s what everyone should do.”On the morning of March 3, 2022, Zhang Yaxin, a villager of Gangxi Zhennan Village, found a wallet containing more than 3,000 yuan in cash and some certificates in mingnan Jiayuan, her residential area.At the time, she asked loudly if anyone had lost their wallet, but no one responded.Zhang immediately contacted the village committee of Jingnan Village, asking them to help contact the owner and return the wallet to him.The village committee contacted the owner in many ways.When the wallet was recovered, the 3,200 yuan in cash was not a penny, and the certificate was not missing. The owner was so excited that he shook Zhang’s hand and thanked her.In the face of the “windfall”, the two citizens showed their noble character with their simple actions, which is worth learning from each of us.Reporter: Yang Yi Chen Fan Li Editor: Huang Jiaxuan