Sa Beining, Olympic torchbearer: You can ladle your mouth, but not your legs!The transmission of the Olympic spirit to do the most extreme

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On February 4, the Olympic torch relay ushered in the third day of its tour of the Summer Palace.Beside the antique Wenchang Pavilion, TV host Sa Beining received the Olympic flame from Olympic champion Ding Ning as the second torchbearer at the Summer Palace site.”To be part of the Olympic torch relay for the second time is really a meaningful reunion for me in my life,” he said, holding the silver and red wrapped torch tightly in one hand and waving it enthusiastically to the audience.As a famous TV host, Sa Beining has hosted many popular TV programs such as “Today’s Talk”, “Let’s Talk” and “Challenge the Impossible”, and hosted several CCTV Spring Festival Gala.As the Beijing Winter Olympics are approaching, Sa beining has participated in several programs to popularize snow and ice sports, introduce Olympic traditions and prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Sa Beining is honored to be a torchbearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”One of my thoughts during the torch relay is to run well and cherish the short distance of a few dozen meters,” he said. “As a media person, I hope to convey the Olympic spirit to the best of my ability.”From the host to the torchbearers, what are the different feelings?”The mouth can do that, but not the legs.”Sa beining humorously said that although the physical weight of the microphone and the torch is not the same, but the spiritual meaning is the same to him.Sa beining has made great efforts to promote snow and ice sports to the public.He has also shown off his skiing skills in the show, where he tried out the warm and self-heating winter clothes used by Athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Speaking about his favorite snow and ice sport, Sa beining said, “Although I have struggled in the junior track for many years, my love for skiing is really an addiction.So I think this year’s Winter Olympics will be a feast for all ice and snow lovers.”Graduated from Beijing university of sa beining the came to the Summer Palace to participate in the torch relay, he said emotionally: “feel back to home, my Alma mater is just next to the Summer Palace, 18 to Beijing, the first stop is haidian district, is the campus of Peking University, after several decades, able to stand here as a torchbearer, I felt the city gave me too much opportunity to make my dream come true.”Reporter Lu Yang wang Haixin editor: Wang Qiong process editor Tai Shaofeng source: Beijing Daily client