People talk: “We are all athletes” for the same Winter Olympics dream

2022-05-13 0 By

“Different venues, same dream, we are all athletes” “Our Olympic partners, roll up their sleeves and work hard.”On January 28, the MV “We are All Athletes”, which sings about the builders of the Winter Olympics from all walks of life, went online.The song presents vividly, for the same dream, all walks of life for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games fuel, release the desire in the heart and incomparable enthusiasm.A person’s struggle, can achieve a person’s dream;Generation after generation of struggle, can achieve a nation’s dream.In order to contribute to the world a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding ice and snow pageant, the Chinese people have strongly committed themselves to the same dream in different rings with the spirit of strong riring and working hard to kindle the dream of the Winter Olympics.We are all athletes and will provide the best stage for athletes from all over the world.Stadium builders are racing against time to infiltrate the spirit of craftsman into every project, to make the Summer Olympic venues refreshed with wisdom and innovation, and to make new venues rise from the ground.Operation and maintenance team carry forward the “nail spirit”, “nail” in their own jobs, in spite of the wind and snow in the Winter Olympics front “pulse”, with adherence to fulfill the sacred responsibility of the mission.We are all athletes, is escorting the life of the guardian of the Winter Olympics.On the alpine snow and ice track, as the ski doctor of the “sharp knife soldier” of the snow rescue in the Winter Olympics, he trained hard before the competition, braved the cold and controlled every link accurately, just to protect his life.Epidemic prevention personnel strictly and precisely implement epidemic prevention measures, and convey care and warmth through subtle actions, reflecting humanistic care in scientific and precise prevention and control.We are all athletes who inject great power into the Olympic Movement.With the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, volunteer training activities such as service etiquette, job skills and general knowledge of ice and snow sports are in full swing.Most of the volunteers are college students.They are seizing the time to get familiar with the working environment, improve the level of service, will use their own actions and smile, build a bridge between China and foreign exchanges, with youth confidence to the Olympic Games.Winter Olympics have me, we are all athletes.For the same dream, we are always on the road.As the lyrics go, “With your love and his love, let’s go hand in hand to the future.”Winter Olympics dream, it is thousands of thousands of forging ahead of the back of a round of rising sun.Let’s look forward to the Olympic torch lighting up the night sky of Beijing and opening a new picture of ice and snow sports to the world.