You’re not “bothered”, you’re “lazy”

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He Suohuan, a writer of sexual psychology, writes stories of love, interesting strangers, and informative knowledge.”Come on, don’t do it. It’s too much trouble.””I’d rather not. It’s too much trouble.””No, it’s too much trouble.””Give it up. It’s too much trouble.”Sounds like that. Does that sound familiar?Have you ever met someone in your life who is afraid of trouble?Or, are you a person who hates trouble and hates trouble?One of the collective perplexities of contemporary adults: “The desire to step out of your comfort zone and change yourself;You’re too afraid of the hassle and the cost to try.”What is the essence of life?It was one little thing after another, one leading to another trouble.Something comes up and you don’t deal with it, and then the next little thing you ignore is replaced by a bigger problem.Most people are not “afraid of trouble”, but make an excuse for being lazy.There are many breakfast shops in the neighborhood.Two of them have been in business for more than 20 years, and their business has been booming, with only a few “familiar faces” going to breakfast every day.However, as the area gets bigger and bigger, there are many more breakfast shops around.But one of the new stores didn’t last two months.For the owner of the shop was a young man, and the reason why he could not continue was that he had to get up too early for breakfast.The process of steamed dumplings is long and complicated.The two shop owners, who have been operating for more than 20 years, have been working since they were young until now.They get up early every day for ten years, get everything ready early, and do everything step by step.In contrast, one is laziness, the other is persistence.Later, according to people around, the young man’s shop was closed because it was “too much trouble”.”It’s hard to get up early, it’s hard to make a morning, it’s hard to smell like morning every day.”In fact, it’s trouble, or an excuse for not being able to stick to it.There is such an interesting story.A man has a broken faucet at home, but he is too lazy to call someone to fix it or go to the store to buy a replacement.So, he casually found a wire, with a piece of cloth to plug the tap.Turn it on when you need it, and plug it up when you don’t.One day, the man was out and came home to find his house full of water.The water stopped flowing because the tap burst completely.Until then he was vexed, for their original “perfunctory” regret.If the faucet had been broken, he would not have taken the trouble to buy a tool to repair it.In essence, a fear of trouble is another form of laziness.And laziness, and divided into physical laziness and mental laziness (thinking).What is physical laziness?The simplest example: your family makes a meal, wakes you up for dinner, and you still feel like eating is a hassle.Others have washed the fruit, brought to you, you feel trouble;Eating fruit is too much trouble, you think.What is mental laziness?Knowing that it is bad and wrong to indulge troublesome behavior, you persist in doing so.Like the “broken faucet” example mentioned above.He could have fixed the tap the first time, but he put it off until it was more serious.This is mental laziness.”I knew I was wrong, I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t.”In the book Thinking, Fast and Slow, there is a passage that goes like this: “The brain often has two modes of thought that help us make decisions.One is lazy thinking, where we make decisions based on our experience and habits.The other is thinking, thinking long and hard before making a decision.”These two modes of thinking are the most obvious difference between the fear of trouble and the fear of trouble.The reason some people don’t want to be in a relationship is because they’re afraid of the trouble.They often think, “Get to know someone new, get to know them better, and do what you did in your last relationship;If the relationship doesn’t work, you have to go through the same process all over again.”You see, when that happens, they are the first to adopt a “negative mindset.””I can’t, I’ll fail, so don’t bother.”Because of the negative attitude, so just feel trouble;And always too much trouble, and will encourage his heart negative psychology.This state is typical of “lazy thinking mode”.What you stop doing now because you are afraid of trouble will be a “bigger trouble” one day.For example, a person is too lazy to cook, so he orders take-out for three meals a day or eats out casually.He often says that cooking is too much trouble.But ten years of this unhealthy diet will eventually wear him down.Some things can not do, some things, but resolutely can not be “afraid of trouble”.-03 How to avoid the “fear of trouble” mentality?Don’t be so quick to question the results, just do it.The simplest way is to try, only try you have a chance to succeed, don’t try, you even have no chance to succeed.It’s like work, life, relationships.If you give up “too much trouble” before you even start, how do you know if you will succeed if you try?There are a lot of things in this world that aren’t too difficult, but your subconscious mind is holding you back.If you’re willing to take the first step, it’s not as hard as you think.Because “all things are difficult at the beginning”, try, naturally do not feel laborious.Today’s topic: Are you a “trouble – averse” person?If you want to know more about this amazing story, come here and watch what you like