Bulls Saturday basketball: The Bulls have big problems inside and Garland is becoming a leader

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Saturday 309 NBA Chicago Bulls VS Cleveland Cavaliers 2022-03-27 08:00Chicago bulls currently 42-30 ranks fifth in the east, the offseason sign demar derozan, caruso players, and bring them well with all-star duo wu cut and lavin fuses in together, at the beginning of the season has long dominated the east 1, but now the team dropped significantly, 3 strongmen team before facing the east and west, outings,Even labeled as “fake strong team”, investigate its reasons, the key problem is weak inside, at the same time, the outside line bears too much defensive pressure, and derozan has no hot state in the past, the problem is naturally exposed, the current problem to solve the next performance of the team is more important.Home team Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavaliers are currently 41-31 in the Sixth place in the Eastern Conference, the end of the two-game winning streak, the recent games not more than half of the victory, the state of the ups and downs, the current lack of Allen inside the fierce, defensive efficiency is a bit of a decline in meaning.But the team still continue to use the three inside attitude, team system is stable, as the cavaliers offense launching points, only garland more charisma, more and more diligent, has eight consecutive + 20 points, the bulls will take double tactics for his, at this moment need other players to stand up and play with, to head off a danger.Record: Cleveland is 2-4 in six games