Gansu issued new regulations on advertising, the 13 “strictly prohibited” to pay attention to

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In order to create a clean and positive advertising market environment, the reporter learned from the Market Supervision Administration of Gansu Province on February 9th that the market supervision Bureau of Gansu Province strictly prohibited illegal commercial advertising through major activities and made the following tipsTo strictly abide by the advertisement law of the People’s Republic of China, the Internet advertising management interim measures “and other relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement advertising main body responsibility, should be consciously assume social responsibility, the advertising is responsible for the authenticity, legality, honesty, fair competition, jointly safeguard the healthy and orderly advertising market environment.The provincial Market Supervision Bureau requires all kinds of media at all levels in the province to strictly abide by the “regulations on the examination of advertising release of mass media”, earnestly fulfill the responsibility of the examination before the release of advertising, and seriously verify the advertising files and content.Strictly examine commercial advertising and related content involving “politically oriented and sensitive issues”, adhere to professional ethics, and prevent illegal commercial advertising activities.Advertisers, advertising agents and advertisement publishers are strictly prohibited from designing, producing or releasing advertisements containing the following contents: 1.Use the party’s 20th National Congress for commercial advertising or disguised use of the party and the state’s major policies, relevant resolutions of the Party’s 20th National Congress, the party’s 20th National Congress publicity reports, leaders’ speeches and other content for commercial advertising.2. Use or disguised use of the Communist Party of China flag, party emblem, national flag, national anthem, national emblem, military flag, military song, military emblem and other contents for commercial advertising.3.Use or disguised use of the name or image of a state organ or its personnel to carry out commercial advertising.4. Commercial advertising shall be carried out with the Olympic symbols such as Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games and the special symbols of major international sports events such as Asian Games.5. Using the image or name of the national team and its athletes and coaches or using the sports report or the training and life of sports stars in commercial advertisements without authorization.6. Contents of obscenity, pornography, violence, gambling, superstition, and all kinds of commercial advertising containing “soft pornography” and other contents.7.Contains “special”, “special”, “gifts for leading cadres” and other contents of the commercial advertising.8.Commercial advertising involving sensitive issues, advocating wrong political ideas, affecting political security and other contents.9. Commercial advertising promoting terrorism, national separatism, religious extremism, ethnic discrimination, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, gender discrimination, regional discrimination, occupation discrimination, etc.10. Unregulated use of maps and other content that harms state sovereignty and dignity.11. Commercial advertising of all kinds of bad contents such as selling misery, flaunting wealth and spoof classics.12. Use vulgar vulgar content to create gimmicks and attract attention to the vulgar commercial advertising.13. Commercials that distort the party’s history or promote historical nihilism.Source: Lanzhou Daily