Lakers beat nets on the road?James and Westbrook did their best, and Vogel began to trust Westbrook

2022-05-14 0 By

The lakers-Nets game is a high-profile one, with both teams’ rabidly fanatical fans already on the prowl, and the attention is only going to grow.Previously, the Los Angeles lakers lost their second game of six in a row to a Miami Heat team that played without Rory and Hero despite scoring efficiently by James and Westbrook.The Lakers were outgunned by the Heat in the first quarter. The Heat were on fire, but the lakers’ defense was like a sieve. The Heat put up 39 points in the first quarter and the Lakers scored only 25 points in the first quarter.The absence of Timberlake also dealt a blow to the lakers’ roster system, which has become difficult for the lakers to win.For the first three quarters, the lakers were helpless against the Heat, and the offense couldn’t beat the defense.The lakers managed to catch up in the final quarter, outscoring Miami 37-24 but losing to Miami by six points.Westbrook had nine points, four rebounds and two assists as the lakers’ go-to guy in the final quarter, and Vogel began to trust westbrook.It was a bit of a shock for Westbrook, who has been the lakers’ star since Vogel pulled him late in the game, confounding fans.Vogel has finally come around to believing westbrook, but he failed.The lakers are having a tough time winning a game, and the absence of their no. 2 coach leaves them with limited options and personnel, especially if Vogel doesn’t trust Westbrook.James and Westbrook are still doing their best for the lakers, but it’s going to be tough for the lakers to win. The lakers play the Nets on the road in the morning.Do you think the lakers can beat the lakers on the road?(Text/ball attacker)