The family of a Sichuan man who left his wife chained to a tree for five months has exonerated their son-in-law after she starved to death

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Why did a sichuan man tie his wife to a tree for five months?After his wife died of starvation, but family understanding son-in-law sichuan man chained to his wife tied to a tree, five months after his wife died of starvation, maiden is understanding son-in-law sichuan man chained to his wife tied to a tree, five months after his wife died of starvation, bride’s family to son-in-law offends sichuan man chained to his wife tied to a tree, five months after his wife died of starvation, maiden understanding book issued by domestic violence,It is an unspeakable pain that many of those who endure it suffer, and in some cases, even take their lives.On October 20, 2021, China Procuratorial Website published a case of domestic violence in Inner Mongolia.In the case, the victim was chained to a tree for five months by her husband, Liu, before being starved to death, according to prosecutors.Such an incident is really sad, but surprisingly, after the case, Liu won the understanding of his wife’s family.Liu xx, born in 1972, was born in Liangzhou, Sichuan, and lived in the barren Daliang mountains since childhood.Due to her poor family and poor learning, Liu stopped studying after finishing junior high school and chose to go out for work.Liu is not easy to enter the society, because there is no culture, age and small, although there are fellow villagers to help, but also always bullied, which makes Liu develop introverted and withdrawn personality.At the beginning, Liu worked with her fellow villagers. When she became an adult, she moved around the country alone, working wherever there was a good job, which lasted for 30 years.As Liu so-and-so age of heighten, he has not married the matter became a worry in the home.Being unmarried in your forties does not look like a family with old-fashioned ideas.In the face of the urging of the home, Liu also felt a lot of pressure, he certainly want to wife and children hot kang, but his age is so old, neither diploma, also have no money, how to find a suitable spouse?Just when Liu is in trouble, know liu’s mind workmate for him when a matchmaker.At this time, Liu is working in Wushen Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. His workmate is a native of Wushen Banner. Since they have a good relationship, they want to help Liu become a matchmaker.Through the workmate introduction, Liu so-and-so knew the local zeng home girl.After two people meet, in fact, did not get along with too much affection, but because one side wants his son to marry a wife quickly, one side wants to let his daughter marry out early, before long, two parents set the marriage, let two people go to get a license to get married.For Liu so-and-so, this is a big good thing, after all, he is more than 40 years old, no money no room can marry a wife is really a good thing, and zeng home in the local also calculate small assets, their bachelor entry how to calculate also not loss.To why oneself condition is so bad, still can marry ceng home daughter, Liu so-and-so did not think much, feel to be blessed by heaven only.At the beginning of the marriage, Liu so-and-so’s marriage is still normal, on weekdays Liu so-and-so went out to work during the day, evening home and his wife to eat together, but still leisurely.In the newly married filter, Liu xx eyes, his wife in addition to relatively quiet do not love to talk, and there is nothing special.But after getting along for some time, Liu noticed something was wrong.Because liu so-and-so himself is a mysterious, so his wife on weekdays almost do not talk, do not feel what abnormal, his wife sometimes general temper disorderly throw things, Liu so-and-so also only feel that his wife’s small temper, his weekdays more tolerance is.Until a liu so-and-so and his wife to discuss important things, just found that his wife does not preamble after language, root does not resemble normal people.This discovery made Liu so-and-so suspicious of this marriage, originally thought of a fortune, now it seems likely to be calculated.The Liu so-and-so that had suspicious undertook investigation to wife immediately.He contacted his workmate to buy him a drink and began to inquire what he knew about his wife.After a conversation, Liu so-and-so knew that the workmate just heard that zeng had such a daughter has not been married, he introduced himself, do not know other things.After knowing that the workmate has nothing to do with this matter, Liu began to go to the in-laws’ home near the news, after some understanding, Liu realized that he was cheated.It turned out that zeng’s daughter had been mentally ill since childhood, and often ran around and hit, becoming a laughing stock in the village, so she never got married.Liu so-and-so that learned the truth is very angry, directly find the in-laws and their face to face confrontation.See angry Liu so-and-so, did not wait for its opening, ceng father ceng mother will guess the purpose, they also know wrong, then hurriedly good words to appease, promise to wait for two old people go, all property is Liu so-and-so.To my great-parents, they had only one daughter, and they were willing to meet all other requirements as long as she had someone to take care of her.See the appeasing attitude of the parents-in-law, Liu also quickly calm down.After all, I know that I am old and have no money, so I am lucky to get a wife. Although my wife has mental problems, it can be overcome by good control.After consulting with her in-laws, Liu decided to continue the marriage.After tying his wife back home, liu looked at his wife sitting quietly at home. He no longer had the filter of his wedding.Do not speak is not introverted shy, but can not talk normally, often temper is not small, but mental illness.He knew that the current look normal wife, once the disease is no longer a normal appearance, it is not good to say that one day when the wife will give himself a knife, which makes Liu xx some fear.In order to prevent and control his wife’s disease, Liu also went to find relevant information, according to these investigations, he knew that like his wife has a mental illness, at the same time the existence of mental retardation is also rare.Such a situation let Liu so-and-so is more feel agitated, in the past how to see how pleasing to the eye of his wife, now became liu so-and-so eyes of the thorn, once thought that heaven hongfu, now is a joke.Every time Liu saw his wife, he would think of this section of marriage to his own insult – can marry her, not because of their own good, just because she is sick.Knowing the truth of this marriage, he no longer like the past general to his wife thousands of considerate care, just coldly looking at his wife, a bad, will take his wife hair, or beat or scold, no longer put his wife as a personal look.After all, for Liu, his current wife is just a tool to provide his own housing conditions.Liu so-and-so on weekdays random abuse, let his wife’s mental illness more serious.The wife that condition aggravates, will receive harm feedback to liu so-and-so very quickly.At the beginning, although the wife fell ill, but also often a few weeks, the onset of the most serious is to hit things at home, light even just constantly talking nonsense, there is no other out of the ordinary things.But with the change of Liu so-and-so’s attitude, after the stimulation of his wife often every day to onset, and each onset is no longer confined to the home, often run out of the house to go crazy, make random name-calling, hit other people’s things and so on.The change of his wife’s condition did not make Liu reflect on his behavior, but he was more tired of this married wife, now everyone knows his wife is crazy.Neighbors ridicule Liu xx, as if back to the past childhood was bullied, he thought of the fist of tall peers in the past, think of their own work was unpaid wages, think of their wandering around but nothing at all.These past events and now cheated to marry a crazy wife, are their own have to endure.Looking at his increasingly uncontrollable wife, a sense of evil occupied Liu’s mind.In this world some people to the stronger sword, someone to the weaker hand, Liu chose the latter.He wants to vent all these years of humiliation on his wife, completely control her, enjoy the pleasure of controlling others.In May 2020, Liu put her evil intentions into practice.He first found a suitable tree near their home, and then found a strong chain. After subduing his wife by force, Liu took her to a forest two kilometers away. Ignoring his wife’s cries of pain, he tied her to the chosen tree with the chain and then went straight to work.When liu came back from work in the evening, Liu would go to the woods to untie the chain for his wife and take her home for dinner.This went on for five months.For Liu so-and-so, this is a happy day, his wife tied in the woods, they do not have to worry about going to work when his wife and go crazy to their own shame, do not have to worry about their behavior to his wife.And this kind of behavior to the wife at will, also greatly satisfied Liu so-and-so’s desire to control, let him experience a different kind of pleasure.But for Liu’s wife, these five months were the most painful time in her life. Every morning, she would be taken to the woods by her husband, who promised to take care of her for the rest of her life, and bound with a stiff iron chain.Even if the flesh and blood were strangled by the chain, the husband would only cold and tight the chain.Because liu selected the forest is located in the remote, weekdays in addition to Liu so-and-so no one came here, so Liu so-and-so wife weekdays crying and no one found.Liu so-and-so is very satisfied with his “intelligence and wisdom”, because this method let oneself less a lot of trouble, even after returning home, his wife also did not come on to beat and scold, just the coward shrink in the corner.In September 2020, Liu had been tying up his wife for four months. Under such long-term abuse, Liu’s wife had various uncomfortable reactions.According to the explanation later, Liu found that this month, when he went to untie his wife’s chain, her hands and feet were cold, and she had no appetite for dinner at home, and often did not eat when fed to her mouth.For his wife’s reaction, Liu so-and-so did not take it to heart, in his view, this is just a small trick that his wife wants to resist playing, more hungry a few meal he knew to eat.This hunger lasted for a month, during which his wife seldom ate food and felt depressed every day. However, Liu did not take his wife to medical treatment, but still cruelly bound his wife with iron chains every day.On October 15, 2020, Liu went to the woods where his wife was tied up as usual.But this time, he found his wife is different.In the past his wife would have reacted to his presence, but now she was as still as if she were dead.Find abnormal Liu so-and-so heart had bad idea, then carefully come forward, while Shouting her name, while stretched out his hand to explore his wife’s breath.There’s no breath.The Liu so-and-so that guesses the answer in the heart did not give up inquiry, go probing the wife’s pulse again then, start when, the wife’s skin already hair is hard, pulse also did not beat.Liu so-and-so is sure that his wife should be dead.After finding his wife dead, liu, who is not highly educated, did not realize the seriousness of the matter. He just unchained his wife and put her down. Then he found a shovel and dug a pit near the woods, and hastily buried his wife.As far as he was concerned, his wife had just died suddenly, and he could just go through the formalities after he buried her, not realizing the need for a death certificate and so on.On the morning of October 19, 2020, Liu went to the police station to cancel his wife’s hukou with the household registration book.In Liu xx clear his purpose and his wife, the police immediately realized that the problem is wrong, immediately let Liu xx take them to his wife’s burial place.Came to the woods, the police will liu so-and-so wife’s body dug up again, and then by the forensic expert to do identification.Liu’s wife died of starvation after being identified.That is to say, liu bound his wife’s abuse is closely related to his wife’s death.On January 25, 2021, the Public Security Bureau of Wushen Banner decided to put Liu under criminal detention after procedural approval, and formally arrested liu on February 5, 2021.After one month in detention, the Public Security Bureau of Wushen Banner transferred the case to the People’s Procuratorate of Wushen Banner for prosecution on March 24, 2021.On April 23, 2021, The People’s Procuratorate of Wushen Banner prosecuted Liu for maltreatment based on the evidence.”The defendant liu has no objection to the facts and evidence of the alleged crime, and voluntarily confessed to the punishment.The court holds that the defendant Liu xx abused a family member and caused the death of a family member, which violated Article 260 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. The facts of the crime are clear, the evidence is solid and sufficient, and the criminal responsibility shall be investigated for the crime of maltreatment.The defendant Liu xx confessed, according to the provisions of the “Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 15, can be treated leniently.According to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 176 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, a public prosecution, please be sentenced in accordance with the law.”It is worth mentioning that during liu’s arrest, zeng’s parents did not blame Liu, but issued a letter of understanding to exonerate their son-in-law. This may be because they felt guilty for concealing the true situation of their daughter, or perhaps in their eyes, their daughter’s death is also a kind of relief for her.Netizens commented on the incident: “Intentional murder and extremely cruel means, just because it was a husband and wife, the maximum sentence has been changed to seven years?””Why is it that the punishment for maltreatment is lighter than that for intentional murder? It is better to kill people to make them happy.””I learned that two to seven years of torture before intentional murder is not a loss.”Experts have analyzed the jurisprudence and concluded that torture, rather than manslaughter or manslaughter, should be charged.”The difference between intentional homicide is whether the perpetrator had the intention to kill.In this case, Liu did not intend to kill his wife, so he does not meet the subjective requirements of intentional homicide and does not constitute intentional homicide.””The objective condition for causing death by negligence is that the perpetrator has committed the act causing death;An objective result of death must have occurred;There is a causal relationship between the wrongful act of the perpetrator and the result of the victim’s death.There is a causal relationship between Liu’s behavior and his wife’s death, and indeed the result of his wife’s death, but he did not cause his wife’s death.The wife died of hunger, but Liu did not forbid her to eat.”Today, the court’s verdict in liu’s case has not been made public, and the world does not know its outcome.But according to article 260 of the Criminal Law, Liu could face a prison term of more than two years and less than seven years.Source of information:Xiaoxiang Morning News “a man in Sichuan tied his wife to a tree to starve to death because of mental disorder” “man tied his sick wife to a tree to starve to death lawyer said or sentenced to two to seven years” extreme news “too cruel!Sichuan man tied his sick wife to a tree to starve to death “Liaoshen Evening News” Sichuan man tied his sick wife to a tree to starve to death, the lawyer said or sentenced to two to seven years “China procuratorate network, China judicial documents network relevant documents