Xinhua News Agency | Changde: China Joint Construction from 100 million yuan order products sent overseas

2022-05-15 0 By

Zoomlion Construction Crane Co., LTD. (zoomlion Construction), located in Changde High-tech Zone, held a ceremony for the “good start” of 2022, with 258 trailers lined up to ship 100 million yuan of product orders overseas.On the same day, three L250 tower planes were sent to Korea through Shanghai port.More than 200 sets of this equipment model have been sold well in South Korea and are widely used in local housing construction projects. South Korea is currently in a hot housing construction project, but the lack of manufacturing operation leads to the equipment shortage. China’s supply greatly makes up for the local equipment shortage and provides equipment guarantee for its economic growth.In addition, three WA7527 tower planes were sent to Russia for housing construction projects in the Far East to improve local people’s livelihood.Four WA5610 tower cranes will be sent to India through Shenzhen port and will be used in bengaluru apartment construction project to improve the local living environment.Zhonglian jianjian is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of tower cranes and construction lifts.At present, the company has created a new pattern of intelligent manufacturing in Changde High-tech Zone with “1 digital factory, 2 lighthouse workshops, 3 intelligent warehouses and 4 black light production lines”, leading the green and intelligent development of the industry.First instance: Xiong Jingjie Second instance: Zhang Yang Final Instance: Peng Meijun guess you still want to see: