After the end of the tour explosive gushing, Warcraft 9.0 plot end, the new season on the free week

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Gladly lunar New Year holiday is over, once the year after, everyone back to their respective work, combined with the online vendors also return to a battle line, began to give an online update the new version of their own, want to come back in the Spring Festival of the first wave of grabbing the player’s favor, sufficient preparation for the first quarter of this year’s performance!Net swims the big brother in the circle, that be not “world of warcraft” mo belongs to.The last major release of 9.0 will be released in version 9.2, “The End of Eternity,” on February 24, and the story of Shadowdom will all come to an end.However, for anduin completely black, Sylvanas whitewashing story, many players are still confused, can only wait for the official online more to explain.With the addition of double Orange suits, new class suits, new currencies, new map reputations, and more, version 9.0 is still very full, and players will have to be prepared in advance if they want to play.Also hope after this can let the word of mouth of warcraft continuance once upon a time is brilliant.Let’s take another example of the most popular online game in recent years. It’s The Eternal Chronicles from 24 Studio. Since its launch last year, it has sold 7 million copies and is constantly updated.This time ushered in S3 “Ling Xiao” season in the new hero, new skin, new soul jade, etc., have attracted the attention of many players.In order to make it easy for new players to enter the game, The free trial Week will be held from February 19 to 22.During the event, players can log in the game to fight at any time regardless of whether they have purchased the eternal Eternal.It is worth mentioning that, in order to make trial players have a better game experience, trial players will be divided into two matching pools with regular players. Of course, they can also play with friends of regular players, but the trial players will be matched first.Players participating in the Neverbreak Trial week will also be able to enjoy new content for S3, including the new Soul Jade system and more.During the trial period, players can use ning Hongye, Temur, Canaan, Season canghai, Tu Yumen Walnut, Tianhai six old heroes, but also experience all the current game mode, trial play account data will be retained, after the purchase of the game will inherit to the account.After the net swims collective outbreak big update, do not know everybody after the year indulges in which game in?