Ecological green screen, country parks…During the Qingming Festival, citizens can enjoy the spring scenery on the spot

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What should spring look like?In this qingming holiday, spring can be seen everywhere in Tianjin.Today, in the starting area of the green ecological screen in Xianshuigu, Jinnan District, where “the wind rises three thousand feet and the spring flowers smell ten miles”, citizens enjoy the flowers and take a walk, breathing the fresh air brought by the green oxygen bar.In the Pak Chen District Country Park, people sit on the ground in the clear sky, camping and chatting;In Duishan Park in Nankai District, citizens climb high and take a look at the distance while boating to enjoy flowers.Against the backdrop of the normalization of COVID-19 prevention and control, people in Jincheng went for a spring outing during the Qingming Festival and enjoyed the splendid atmosphere of spring.Between the Binhai New Area and the central city there is a green ecological barrier of 736 square kilometers, of which 330 square kilometers are in the Jinnan District.At 9 o ‘clock this morning, the reporter drove from the urban area to the green ecological screen starting area jinnan District Xiashui Gu Bay.Out of the city, the vehicle driving on Tianjin Avenue, you can see on both sides of the green trees, surrounded by clear waves.Go to xianshuigu Bay ecological barrier starting area, children run, play and fly kites, old people walk and chat, young people camping and picnic…Laughter could be heard everywhere.Standing at the watchtower, one can see thousands of acres of rice paddies. Although it has not yet reached the season of seedling swaying, the citizens who have seen all the concrete high-rise buildings suddenly feel enlightened.”It’s not the most beautiful time yet. In June and July, the green rice fields sway in the wind and smell like rice.Verbena, cosmos, lythrum and other flowers along the road make the green rice fields beautiful.”Living in jinnan Xianshui Gu town of Mr Cheng told reporters.”After the outbreak at the beginning of the year, this spring has become even more meaningful for us.Now the flowers are blooming and the epidemic is scattered. Taking advantage of the Qingming Holiday, I took my family to the green Screen outing to breathe the fresh air and feel the breath of spring. I am so happy.”Mr. Cheng’s wife said.Along the banks of the Yongding New River, a series of colorful tents stand on the lawn.As the largest open country park in the city, Beichen District Country Park has become a must-check for campers.At the beginning of the qingming Holiday, a large number of citizens will drive here at 7 am every morning, pulling tents, picnic MATS, folding tables and chairs, lunch bags and other packages of equipment, looking for the favorable terrain of the river, in the open lawn, a piece of their own “small space”.Reporters at the scene to see, colorful tents like stars scattered in the grass, different forms of kites swaying in the air, adults smile, children dancing, so “micro dew camp” very comfortable.On the lawn, a family not only set up a tent, but also set up a canopy in front of the tent for the children playing in the sun. The tent side of the small colored windmills, spinning under the breeze.Reporters came forward to chat, from the Hongqiao district Of Ms. Wang told reporters that she and several friends are camping enthusiasts, before every holiday, will meet with their children to drive to the city’s surrounding famous camping sites.This year, instead of going out, they chose to camp on the spot to jointly protect the epidemic prevention and control achievements under the normal situation. They went to the country park closest to their home so that children could get in touch with nature, breathe fresh air and relax.Today, Jincheng is sunny and breezy. The alleviation of the epidemic has made many people go out for an outing. Outdoor venues are the first choice of citizens.As a rare park with mountains and waters in the city, Nankai District Nancuiping Park is crowded with visitors.At 11 o ‘clock today, the reporter came to the South Cuiping park, static lake weeping willows, winter jasmine bloom, visitors boating on the lake, mountain climbing overlooking.The spring sun is warm but not hot, the breeze is gentle but not cold, and the flowers are elegant but not pungent.Ms. Liu, who lives in Sunshine 100 International New Town, said, “I’m busy with work and my children take online classes at home, so I don’t have much time to go out.This holiday, although can not travel, but now with the construction of beautiful Tianjin, urban parks built more and more beautiful.It is so nice to be able to climb a mountain and enjoy different scenery and flowers in front of the house without having to travel.(Today Evening News reporter Zhuang Yuan) Source: Jinyun