In a plot twist, Feng Xiaoqin conceals the fact of her illegitimate child and turns her son into her brother

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In the hot TV drama “heart home” plot suddenly appeared a reversal, Feng Xiaoqin’s younger brother is unexpectedly its ex-boyfriend’s son, more surprising is Gu Qingyu, gu Lei and Feng Xiaoqin have known this secret before marriage, but bear it all the time up to now.Do not know this is what kind of three views, incredibly can operate like this, his own son into his brother.Can you believe that a mother would do that?How will the son deal with the complicated kinship relationship if it is revealed?In order to be able to get married again, conceal the fact of illegitimate children, conceal also calculate, but also their own son into a brother, to tell the truth had to let people suspect that she is very selfish, really unworthy of motherhood.If you were a mother, would you hide the fact that you had a child out of wedlock?Would you turn your own son into a brother so you could marry again?At the beginning, I quite dislike gu Qingyu, the elder sister, who always interferes in his brother’s family affairs and provoks the relationship between his brother and his wife.Now it seems that Gu Qingyu is right. If it were me, Gu Lei and Feng Xiaoqin would not get married at all.But why didn’t Gu tell his brother the truth and stop them getting married?I think there are two reasons: 1, Gu Lei is not easy to find a wife.With a modest family and a mediocre self, finding a wife was basically difficult.Gu Qingyu is also for the younger brother can marry a daughter-in-law, temporarily endure this fact.In fact, she also accepted the fact that Feng Xiaoqin has an illegitimate child from the heart, but what she cannot accept is Feng Xiaoqin’s concealment.In order to fulfill his brother, but also for his nephew.If Feng Xiaoqin had not been pregnant, I think Gu Qingyu would have tried his best to prevent Gu Lei from marrying Feng Xiaoqin.It is because they have a child, Gu Lei likes Feng Xiaoqin very much, gu Qingyu, as an elder sister, is naturally willing to fulfill his brother.From then on she had a pair of eyes staring at Feng Xiaoqin.Will Feng Xiaoqin find a future for her illegitimate son?She tries all means, seduce Gu Lei, regardless of everything produces a relation with Gu Lei, conceive the child of Gu Lei, it is to coerce success to marry gu home with this.She didn’t just want a good future for herself, she wanted a good future for her illegitimate child.What is more, she thinks all the time can have a house that belongs to oneself, still cuanduo Gu Lei borrowings money to rich elder sister.Gu qingyu said that if Gu lei wanted to buy a house, she would lend it to him without hesitation. If not, she would not buy it.Gu Qingyu is obviously against Feng Xiaoqin, she is very clear, Feng Xiaoqin still has an illegitimate child, the purpose of her house is for her illegitimate child.But she did him a favor, too.She would support her brother if he suggested it.If the elder sister Gu Qingyu does not know the truth, it is estimated that Feng Xiaoqin has been calculated into, feng Xiaoqin has to say too sinister.Elder sister Gu Qingyu in the confrontation with sister-in-law Feng Xiaoqin, is also one side is step by step, one side is step by step open.Feng Xiaoqin originally thought of using Gu Lei to cheat from her elder sister and grandfather to borrow money, but gu Qingyu did not expect her elder sister gu Qingyu to prevent her from buying a house.Feng Xiaoqin finally racked one’s brains to cheat 500 thousand successfully from father-in-law there, gu Qingyu of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder sister of elder brother gu Lei and Feng Xiaoqin divorce.Just as it happens, Gu Qingyu and his younger brother’s conversation was overheard by Feng Xiaoqin, angry to run away from home, Gu Lei was in a rush to stop Feng Xiaoqin, a head down the stairs, hit the glass dead.Finally to sacrifice Gu Lei’s life cut off Feng Xiaoqin’s rear.Feng Xiaoqin regrets that he should not have impulsively run away from home, Gu Qingyu regrets that he did not tell his brother the true situation of Feng Xiaoqin, otherwise this series of things would not have happened.What would you do if you were Gu Qingyu?What do you do if you are Feng Xiaoqin?We can judge anyone from the moral high ground, but we don’t get to decide what they should do?At present, I think Feng Xiaoqin is not honest enough, gu Qingyu is too kind, I believe everyone has their own unspeakable secret, but we can not sacrifice Gu Lei to end the fight, the price is too big.