The Municipal Energy Bureau went into the operation site of gaoping Long-distance pipeline to supervise and dispatch the “100-day attack”

2022-05-17 0 By

On February 15, Xu Dewang, party member and deputy director of the Municipal Energy Bureau, led a team to inspect and dispatch the long-distance pipeline operation site of Sanjin Company in Gaoping city for “100-day breakthrough”.The inspection group focused on the safety operation of the High bisping transport station of Sanjin Company and the treatment of pig farm pressure at pile No. A137-a138 of Zhujiashan Village, Sanjia Town.At the scene of the supervised and scheduling, inspection, stressed that “one hundred ways of long distance gas transmission pipeline is the special work, at all levels of government, the close coordination of the various enterprises and joint efforts, the formation of the provincial propaganda and mobilization, municipal arrangement deployment and county rural enterprise pattern of joint operation, and effectively solve the legacy of illegally crossing, tie up, more difficult problems such as insufficient safety distance,Promoted the safe and smooth operation of my mayor’s pipeline.At present, the “one hundred ways of” action has already entered a key period, each enterprise should add more stress, sum up experience, from pays special attention to the “new pipelines construction planning and risk during standoff” “operating pipeline inspection maintenance” two key aspects, grasp tightly, fine, emphasizing points lose depot, valve chamber, high consequence areas such as point location management, to ensure that the action to obtain actual effect.Gaoping City energy bureau, sanjin company related personnel to participate in the supervision of the dispatch.(Shi Lei, Yuan Jinfeng)