The Municipal Party committee and the Municipal government sent a congratulatory letter to the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

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Congratulations to the Chinese Sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympics:In the last two rounds of men’s skeleton bobsled event of Beijing Winter Olympic Games held at National Bobsled Center, Yan Wengang, an athlete from Tianjin, competed on behalf of The Chinese team. He did not fear the strong players and dared to fight and fight for the bronze medal with a total score of 4:01.77 under the excellent performance of world masters.It was the first steel-frame bobsled Olympic medal in The history of Our country, winning honor for the country.Here, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the Chinese sports delegation, the Chinese Steel Frame snow team and Yan Wengang.Chinese sports delegation’s achievements, vivid interpretation of the Chinese sports spirit, carry forward the “faster, higher, stronger, more unity” of the Olympic spirit, will inspire the city’s people’s spirits, overcome difficult, more promising to promote the development of tianjin sports city, strive to compose the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation tianjin chapter!I sincerely wish the Chinese athletes continued efforts and continued success in the Winter Olympics.Tianjin Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China tianjin Municipal People’s Government February 11, 2022 Source: “Tianjin Daily” wechat official account edited by: Zhang Zhihua, Deng Jinglong, Edited by: Li Xiangfei, Pan Yue