Foreign media: The US Department of Justice has accused Hynanda of conspiring with former MOTOROLA employees to steal technology

2022-05-18 0 By

The US Justice Department said Wednesday it has filed criminal charges against Chinese telecommunications company Hytera, alleging that it conspired with former Motorola Solutions employees to steal the US company’s digital mobile radio technology.In an indictment unsealed in the Northern district of Illinois, the U.S. government accused Hynanda of hiring MOTOROLA employees to steal proprietary business data about radios, known as “walkies.”The indictment specifically charges Hynanda but omits the names of other co-defendants in the case, at least some of whom are former MOTOROLA employees, the report said.Hynanda hired the men between 2007 and 2020, offering better pay and benefits than MOTOROLA to “steal trade secrets,” according to the indictment.According to Reuters, Hynanda now faces 21 criminal charges, including conspiracy to steal trade secrets.The company and other unidentified defendants are also accused of “possessing or attempting to possess stolen trade secrets.”If convicted, Hynanda could be liable for a fine equal to three times the value of the stolen trade secrets.Hynanda has faced such incidents before.An Illinois state court judge upheld the jury’s verdict in March 2020 in MOTOROLA Solutions v. Hynanda, awarding MOTOROLA $765 million in damages.Hynanda said in a statement from its lawyers that it was “disappointed” by the allegations and “does not agree with them”.”The indictment is intended to describe the activities of former MOTOROLA employees in Malaysia more than a decade ago,” Mr Hynanda said.Heyenda wants to plead not guilty and present his side of the story in court.”Hynanda stressed that it was “committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others”.The criminal case marks the latest blow to Hynanda in the United States, According to Reuters.In November, President Joe Biden signed a bill that bars U.S. regulators from granting new equipment licenses to Chinese companies deemed “security threats,” such as Hynanda and Huawei.During the Trump era, the US also issued a ban on recipients of federal funds using telecoms equipment made by Hynanda.