Homebred electric car which brand is good?Homebred electric vehicle 9 big brand list came, clear answer

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Please click “follow” before reading, we will provide you with more valuable related content later, thank you for your support.In China, electric vehicle is a very popular travel tool, because of its small size, when driving and parking will cover a small area, not afraid of traffic jam, do not have to worry about no parking space, compared with three-wheel and four-wheel vehicles, its convenience is actually stronger, better guarantee the efficiency of short-distance travel.So, the popularity of the product is bound to have more market supply. China’s electric vehicles have accumulated more than 300 million units, and the annual sales have exceeded 20 million units in recent years. Even in 2020, the output of two-wheeled electric vehicles has reached 51 million units, and the sales have reached 47.6 million units, both breaking through the historical peak.There is no doubt that China is the manufacturing and sales of electric cars, compared with cars and motorcycles, the real international big brands are foreign or joint venture background enterprises, China’s domestic electric car brand is among the best in the world, then, in the two-wheel electric car, who is the domestic big brand?Homebred electric car which brand is good?To answer this question, let’s take a look at an online list of the top nine domestic electric vehicle brands and see what the answer is.No. 7 through 9 on the list:Although knife, Tailing, Bird said that the 7th to 9th place is not a very good ranking, but after all, the competition of two-round electric bicycle brands is actually quite fierce. According to the query data, there are 223,000 electric bicycle related enterprises in China, which can become a single digit ranking among many brands, is quite strong.Here are some basic information about knives, bells and birds for 7 to 9 players.Advantages and representative models of knives:Knife was founded in 2004, electric car brand, also belong to catch up with the electric cars are from complete exploration in our country, the brand into the popularization stage, catch up with The Times dividend, has now formed a chengdu, guangdong, tianjin, wuxi four research and development, production base, the knife of electric vehicle products, the main price is relatively cheap, after-sales service attitude good,At present, whether it is word of mouth or brand power, it is an electric vehicle brand with certain strength.The representative model of Dao is mainly its Long March version, which introduced electric vehicles to the brand with a range of 150 km per charge earlier. With yadi and other brands upgrading the range to 200 km, the Long March version of Dao will be upgraded in 2022, officially increasing the range of the Long March version to 200 km.Advantages and representative models of Tailing:Bell is a brand and a knife in the same year, was founded in 2004, belong to the second batch of electric car brand, but from the city share and brand strength, in fact, a fluid can be slightly higher than the knife, bell has 9 production base, to achieve annual output can reach 10 million units, more than 600 patented technology, is a technology is very important to brand of electric vehicles.Compared with the bell on the representative models, in fact, in the industry “was an instant hit,” is it high range of products, such as its a bell leopard chaoneng version once broke the guinness world record, but the bell is the lion king, samurai and other types of cars, are high range models, can realize more than 150 km range, is not only a representative models of the bell,It is also a representative model of domestic electric vehicle with high endurance.Advantages and representative models of Bird:Founded in 2005, bird electric vehicles, as well as the second batch of electric car brand, moreover, was established in tianjin, one of the main electric car producer in China, it has the advantage of the ancestors step, at the moment, the bird in electric cars a little achievement, not only in electric tricycle, also have very good reputation, the 9th, is also the basic belongs to humanity.Bird electric car in fact the main representative models, are some of the high cost performance models, it is more affordable than the knife brand, its electric bicycle is basically about 1500 yuan, and its electric motorcycle, the price is also about 2500 yuan, but if the special highlight of the model, small experts feel that there is no.List of 4 to 6: just step, a new day, Emma is 4 to 6 before the middle of the nine ranking, the ranking of today, the new day, Emma, are major brands of electric vehicles, has the high brand power, although not in the top three, but the brand, can also be called electric domestic brands, take a look at what they are.Advantages and representative models of Goose-step: Ranked fourth, Goose-step was founded in 2014. Although it is a brand with poor brand influence among the nine brands, mainly because it focuses on folding electric vehicles and is the leading brand in this field, the electric bicycle it has launched also has a strong influence.Speaking of the representative model of Goostep, the first thing THAT comes to my mind is its ultra-long endurance electric bicycle. The whole vehicle is very light, only 19 kg, and the car is powered by lithium battery, carrying 35AH double battery pack, which can achieve a charging range of 300 kilometers, which is a relatively characteristic vehicle.Advantages and representative models of The New Day:Founded in 1999, a new day, belong to domestic electric vehicles first time established brand, at present, the new day is dedicated li-ion battery technology, positioning is “super high-end intelligent lithium trams,” at present, wuxi, tianjin, hubei, guangdong, zhejiang, and other production base, have double core, double drive, reverse charging technology, such as in the site and the national more than m,Sales in 100 countries and regions.There are many new Japanese products, but the representative models that can be remembered by people are the first one is the HiLink model equipped with Hongmun system launched in cooperation with Huawei, and the second one is the electric motorcycle, which looks very impressive and almost identical to the motorcycle, which is the “blank” of other domestic brands’ current product types.Emma’s advantages and representative models:Is also set up in 1999, Emma, compared with the new day, its brand and city share will be slightly higher, but only in sixth place, this make electric cars small expert practitioners feel a bit hard to convince, Emma its planning capacity to 17 million vehicles, dealers to exceed 2000, is a considerable strength of the brand in production, in addition, in terms of technology,Emma has core technologies such as engine MAX energy nucleation system, anti-aging graphene battery and CES patented brake energy recovery system.In terms of representative models, Emma’s A500 is the most outstanding one. In a certain program, it tested the endurance of many domestic electric vehicles. A500 is one of the few models with no significant reduction in endurance, and it is also one of the models mainly promoted by Emma.List 1 to 3: permanent, yadi, luyuan basically all the list of top three influence is biggest, the top three is also worthy of the name brand, take a look at the below domestic electric car brand ranking, the former three permanent, yadi, luyuan, see if they really compared to other products, with the strength of the former three.Permanent advantages and representative models:If the permanent is big brand, this believe that no one, ever, forever is basically known brand, it founded in 1940, however, for the recognition of its brand, is the basic period of stay in the bike s, in electric cars, does it have the power to be domestic electric car brand of top, little experts think is questionable.And on behalf of the models, permanent products are mainly affordable, there are not too many bright models, after inquiry, find a permanent power can reach the maximum range of 600 kilometers, pure electric range can reach 220 kilometers, and the price is only about 3000 yuan, this model in cost-effective, is a strong advantage.Advantages and representative models of Yadi:Founded in 1997, Yadi belongs to the brand established in the first stage of China’s electric vehicle development exploration period. At present, Yadi is the brand leading in electric vehicle brand power and market share. In my opinion, it is actually more powerful and ranks the first brand.Yadi third generation graphene battery and other core technologies, and in terms of production and marketing strength, Yadi has 788 patents, more than 35,000 stores, 8 production bases.In fact, there are quite a few representative models of Yadi, from the early Yadi G5, to the later Yadi T5 and M5, to the recent Yadi E8, all of which have good reputation. Take E8 as an example, the price is about 5000 yuan, and the range of a single charge is 200 kilometers.Lvyuan’s advantages and representative models:Like yadi, luyuan is founded in 1997, a brand belongs to the first time, just, luyuan is relatively low, far less well branding yadi, Emma, and even less than a knife, a bell, however, luyuan still belongs to a strong brand, can be in the third place, although a bit “empty”, but most of the some,In terms of technology, Luyuan has core technologies such as liquid-cooled motor system and air-cooled controller. In terms of outlets, there are more than 11,000 electric vehicle outlets nationwide, even in rural areas.Lvyuan in terms of representative models, it is the INN07, carrying a number of lvyuan core technologies, carrying lithium iron phosphate batteries, promised to guarantee 5 years with 10 years, the endurance can reach 100 kilometers, although in the entire electric vehicle industry products, this model is not how good, but in lvyuan products, it is still commendable.Share a domestic electric vehicle is more than a small expert ranking list before nine brands, from 1 to 9 in the order: permanent, yadi, luyuan, goose-step, a new day, Emma, a knife, a bell, a bird, though list cannot be totally objective, but in the experts think, above these brand, basically can be called domestic electric car brands.What do you think about that?What other electric cars do you think are good and can also be called big brands, welcome to comment and exchange.