Kyrie Irving and Lebron James: 2 must-learn moves against layups

2022-05-18 0 By

While Kyrie irving and Lebron James both have a very high percentage of finishing layups (53.8 percent and 66.3 percent, respectively), they have very different approaches to opposing layups.This also gives me a lot of inspiration, the following and we talk about the two different ways of layup, maybe can let you: against youdao, layup.Let’s take a look at the classic layups of the two stars and see if we can find any differences.Do you see any difference?What’s your answer?Did you find the same answer as I did?(If not, feel free to leave your answer in the comments.) What exactly is the difference in footwork in a confrontation?Let me analyze my answer in detail.The first step of use against the ball: in the three-step layup to catch the ball, lower the center of gravity and dribble vigorously to catch the ball to avoid the tackle of the opponent and get more rebound, at the same time, the first step to push the ground to the opposite side, so that their upper body torso parallel to the chest or even lower abdomen under the condition of low center of gravity.Due to the high center of gravity of the defender is easy to be pushed away, get space, use the second step to find space, adjust body layup.Applicable situation: his power difference, even when the power has the advantages of fast break is speed, speed advantage makes you with enough potential positions breakthrough has an obvious speed advantage, people cannot focus on power against variant: near the basket breakthrough, the same low center of gravity to dribble the ball, the first step to leapfrog to defend people, against the effect will be improved.The action of the so-called force is mutual, and the reaction force against itself is not small.If you do not pay attention to, the arm under the force will take unstable ball or drop the ball, in this case, it is recommended to arm against the ball, and then take out the ball layup) applicable crowd: you taste, you fine taste, The emperor of James ordinary layup is not a lot of this way?This kind of layup is very suitable for small cannon guards and physically strong forward line.The second step: catch the ball, lift the straight arm above the head to shake, avoid breaking the ball and use the swinging arm to keep the defender away.The first step is to step outside (away from the defender’s direction). When the defender is close to him, the second step is to step inside (close to the defender’s direction) to drive the body to fight.Because the defender is chasing you to the outside one step ahead, he will feel unable to exert force and “jump up” when suddenly impacted by the opposite direction of the inward force, so as to avoid blocking the shot. Moreover, he can also make use of active counterbraking to create time difference, and many times he can also fight the foul if he does not enter in time.Application situation: The speed can not completely get rid of the defense, only have a little body advantage the defender is strong or love to jump his left hand breakthrough ability is strong (most people are right-handed with a strong right foot, the left breakthrough means that under normal circumstances the second step is the right foot to power)If there are any bright and moving fast tall player, in the step 2 ball against the pulled open, want to take advantage of the height of the jump to block behind you, you can like below Owen, although the step 2 no resistance to the world, but use the step 2 inward force direction, jump to the upper body, pressure he can’t jump, also can make a foul.(Of course, this requires a lot of core strength and balance, and this variation should be attempted with caution, otherwise there is a risk of injury.)This way is more suitable for the skills and power balance type of guard and front line, that is, although the strength can not dominate but not bad, although the speed can not be like the wind but start and stop rhythm first-class, height may not dominate but delicate hand work around the bow.Well, the above is my two days of bad make up a basketball collection of thinking, we have what you want to say is also welcome to exchange, more use of the holiday to recharge, is also a good thing, happy New Year!