Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Ministry of Finance: The project to cultivate “head geese” for China’s rural industrial revitalization leaders was launched

2022-05-18 0 By

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural AffairsIn order to implement the requirements of no. 1 Document of the CPC Central Committee, relevant personnel work arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, and the 14th Five-Year Plan for The Construction and Development of Talents in Agriculture and Rural Areas, we will effectively carry out the program to cultivate “head geese” for leaders in rural industrial revitalization.Recent NongCunBu of agriculture and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the revitalization of rural industry leaders to foster “leading wild goose” project implementation “, since 2022 a year for each county foster “leading wild goose” around 10, with five years to cultivate a revitalization of rural industry leader “leading wild goose” team, drive the new agricultural operators to form a “share”,We will consolidate the talent base for rural industrial revitalization.On the afternoon of March 31, the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Planning and Finance Department, the Science, Technology and Education Department and the Human Resources Development Center jointly organized a training program to cultivate “head geese” for leaders in rural industrial revitalization.Training stressed that the implementation of “leading wild goose” project is the agricultural rural system to carry out the new era, the important measures for the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development is to promote rural talent but also gripper, and promote the agricultural industry to mention quality and increase farmers’ income the important way of getting rich, provincial department of agriculture and country to stand in the height of the global, a deep understanding and accurate grasp the importance of the implementation of “leading wild goose” project.Training and improvement are the foundation. We need to develop customized, experiential, and incubating training for leaders in rural industrial revitalization, improve their overall quality, and help them grow into talents.Policy support is the key. We should coordinate the quality and capacity of leaders with policy support to help them get on their way and effectively solve their difficulties and problems in the process of development.Demonstration driving is our goal. We need to give full play to the radiating and demonstration leading role of leaders, so as to achieve the goal of “wild geese leading and flying in unannounced array”, and create a favorable atmosphere in which “wild geese leading and benefiting farmers” work together with farmers.Provincial agricultural and rural departments should strengthen communication and coordination with provincial departments of finance, human resources and social security, strive for understanding and support, form joint force of work, implement the cultivation idea of “strict access, systematic cultivation, comprehensive support, demonstration and guidance” in detail, and encourage provinces to carry out cultivation work creatively according to local conditions.Multiple measures should be taken simultaneously to cultivate a group of “leading geese” who have the new concept of modern agricultural development, master the new method of team management, and are familiar with the new mode of agricultural industrialization operation. They can meet the needs of modern rural industries and coordinate with rural construction and development, so as to lead one party and drive a group of leaders in rural industrial revitalization.During the training, the responsible officer of the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs systematically elaborated the overall idea of project implementation and made clear the relevant deployment requirements;The responsible officer of the Planning and Finance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs introduced the project fund management policy and clarified the relevant requirements of performance appraisal.The responsible officer of the Human Resource Development Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs made policy interpretation on key issues such as selection procedures, cultivation institutions and supporting policies.Responsible comrades of agricultural and rural departments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, as well as responsible comrades and staff of personnel, finance, science and education departments, participated in the training online.