Shuangliu District employment bureau held the second “Spring Breeze Action” and “Three delivery” special job fair

2022-05-18 0 By

Time flies, imperceptibly, the Lantern Festival has passed, ushered in the New Year.Shuangliu district human resources and social security bureau: at the beginning of the New Year, to seriously implement the central provinces and cities on “stable employment jobs” work deployment, give full play to the public employment and human resources, the steady employment service agencies to promote employment, to further promote the rational and orderly flow of labor resources, efforts to ensure enterprise production and orderly, stable to do duty for workers, companies hire,To provide a convenient and efficient docking channel for workers and employers, the second “Spring Breeze Action” and “Three Gifts” special job fair of 2022 will be held in shuangliuyun Recruitment Broadcast Room on February 16.According to statistics, the job fair invitation to our best bo gen communication technology co., LTD., Thai eng (chengdu) nc tool co., LTD., Emerson automatic flow control (sichuan) co., LTD., chengdu sahni medical equipment co., LTD., a total of 31 enterprises to participate in the spring breeze action (casc), it provides more than 109 jobs for job seekers to choose,Job types cover all levels of general industry, technical processing and sales, to meet the needs of job seekers of different ages and cultural levels. The live broadcast lasts for 3 hours, with a total of 3,469 visits and 39 people reaching their intentions.