Beijing primary and secondary schools will reopen next Monday, and the morning rush hour is expected to advance to 6:30 a.m

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Beijing daily reporter learned from the municipal traffic department that starts on February 21, the city’s primary and secondary schools, normal peak day on Monday, 4/9, the multiple factors mutual influence, pressure on urban traffic overall obviously rise is expected, especially morning rush, the average traffic index is 7.0, the overall in a moderate level of congestion, peak traffic index or $8.6,This is higher than the same period last year (8.2).Traffic will slow down in urban ring roads, contact lines, expressways and some bridge nodes, and traffic will be concentrated around primary and secondary school campuses and some hospitals.According to data from previous years, on the day when the winter vacation ends and primary and secondary schools open, road traffic pressure will quickly rise to the normal level, and the morning rush hour will start at 6:30 a.m.In addition, the traffic pressure is greater than other tail-number days on Monday, which falls on tail-number days 4 and 9.During the morning rush hour, the second, third and fourth rings, the east, west and North fifth rings, the east and north sixth rings and other urban loops, caihuying South Road, Jianwai Street, Jianguo Road, Tonghui Hebei Road, Xizhimen North Street, Wanquanhe Road, Lianshi East Road, Xueyuan Road, Xizhimen North Street and other contact lines are under greater traffic pressure in the direction of entering the city.The Beijing-Tibet Expressway, The Beijing-Cheng-Beijing Expressway, the Beijing-Tongtong Expressway, the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and the Airport Expressway will see tidal traffic flows into Beijing.Xiaojiahe Bridge, Wanghe Bridge, Xizhimen Bridge, Caihuying Bridge, Guomao Bridge, Sanyuan Bridge, Siyuan Bridge and other bridge nodes will have slow traffic.In terms of primary and secondary school campuses, the traffic flow around schools in Guangqumen, Zhongguancun, Niujie and other areas is large, which will have a certain impact on regional traffic.Traffic flows are concentrated around 101 Middle School, Tsinghua High School, Beijing No. 4 Middle School, Beijing No. 8 Middle School, Hui Min School and other campuses.In terms of hospitals, the third Hospital of Beijing University of Medicine, Children’s Hospital, Children’s Research Institute, Beijing Hospital, Tongren Hospital and other roads and bridge area nodes around the hospitals will see concentrated traffic, with the peak period from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.Public transport has taken a number of measures to ensure the public travel to ensure the public travel. In terms of ground buses, flexible scheduling measures are mainly taken for the morning and evening peak hours, standby buses are arranged in advance, and inter-district buses are timely adopted to meet the needs of students.At the same time, strengthen the monitoring of the line interval, vehicle load rate and other measures, take appropriate extension of the line one-way point, midway vehicle dispatching measures.With the opening time of each school to resume the custom bus, provide customized intensive bus travel services.Rail transit: train operation chart of working days shall be adopted in the whole network, and the heavy passenger lines shall be focused on, and the guarantee time of morning peak shall be appropriately extended.Strengthen the field command and dispatch, according to the passenger flow situation at any time to supplement the capacity.The Metro Beijing Airport Line will operate at the shortest departure interval of 10 minutes.21 for athletes to leave out of Beijing airport expressway peak direction pressure increases as the winter Olympics concluded, the athletes will soon leave, 21 for departure peak day, out of Beijing airport high-speed direction will increase traffic pressure, Beijing ceremony high-speed, Beijing new high-speed, high-speed north, airport the games lanes will be frequently used,Temporary traffic management measures will be taken on some road sections depending on the prevailing conditions.Please strictly abide by the winter Olympics lane use regulations, consciously comely winter Olympics security vehicles, in case of heavy traffic, slow driving and temporary control, please pass in order, obey the command of the police on site.Beijing Daily Beijing Daily client reporter Sun Hongyang supervised by: Liu Hao editor: Qian Fei fan