Top of the league!Top of the league!Cp3 is going to win both MVP and championship

2022-05-19 0 By

Sao Paulo to super performance, in the SUNS win over the nets, Paul played very well, Paul league 38 minutes, 5 of 12 shots, three points 1, 4 ft 9 in 9, had 20 points and 4 rebounds the comprehensive data of 14 assists, 2 steals, positive and negative value up to + 20, which Paul assists for the highest,We can say that the SUNS can win this game, Paul deserves a lot of credit.Paul has averaged 14.9 points, 4.5 rebounds, 10.4 assists and 1.9 steals in 50 games for the SUNS, shooting 48.9 percent from the field and 34.4 percent from 3-point range.The numbers and efficiency are impeccable, and the SUNS have thrived this season thanks to Paul’s strong play.So far, the SUNS ‘under the guidance of Paul has been made about 9 41, high on the first position in the league, this also created the history of the SUNS 50 games before the end of the season in the best record, and SUNS still keep on eyes under the union’s longest 11 in a row, according to Paul now hot state, he king it is prepared to double, MVP and championship won all ah.And he is ahead in the assists, high on the first position, behind the leading harden 0.3 assists, and considering the harden needs to spend more time on the offensive end, so catch up with the possibility of Paul are minimal, in addition to the assists, Paul is the top in steals list, Paul row third in the league in steals list now,Paul is more experienced and defensive than Murray and smart, so he has a good chance of rising to the top of the steals list late in the game.In addition, Paul is the MVP, one of the most popular list in the latest issue of the MVP in NBA, Paul ranks 4th league, after well than Germany, about the base, and letters, Paul compared to the three star, with better record, only data comparison, to lose is actually score a bit low, but the league had a precedent will be awarded MVP Steve Nash,So as long as Paul can get up to around 18 points per game by the end of the season, he has a very good chance of winning MVP.Is the last championship, there is no doubt that the SUNS this season is absolutely a championship contender, compared to other favourites, SUNS team more stable and chemical reaction is better, to know the SUNS had reached the finals last season, and further after upgrading to the squad this season, the SUNS more clearly, if no major injury,It’s not out of the question for the SUNS to win this season’s championship.